Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery: Child Actress All Grown Up?

The pretty child actress is all grown up, and after a bit of work, she’s also claiming to bow out of the movie business for good. A pretty girl growing up in the public’s eye, Amanda Bynes of Nickelodeon fame is now off to bigger and better things complimented by bigger and better lips, a slight smaller nose and perhaps a bit of cheek work as well. Oh! And those shiny new veneers we see peeking out under that now fuller upper lip? After years in the industry, could this “retirement” Amanda’s seeking just be a ploy to get the media off her back while she reinvents herself yet again?

Megan Fox is one of Hollywoods most beautiful celebrities, and there’s been all kinds of buzz whether or not she has gone under the knife and had plastic surgery in the past. All kinds of rumours about whether she’s had breast implants, botox, cheek implants and rhinoplasty have been a topic of discussion for a while.

For a young actress (she’s only 25) Megan has had a few procedures in her pursuit for perfection.

While it seems unlikely that she had botox, its not impossible. althoug she posted images on Facebook to dispel the myth not long ago. But several doctors have gone on record stating it seems she has had a non-surgical brow lift.

But when it comes to breast augmentation, it seems pretty clear that she’s had some work done. With her small frame, Megan Fox seems to have had a proportional and tasteful breast augmentation procedure to fill her out.


It seems fairly obvious that Megan Fox had a nose job, but it’s such a small difference it wouldn’t be noticable without a closeup showing the before and after photos. Celebrity rhinoplasty has had a significant increase in popularity with both male and female celebs in recent years.

Megan Fox may have started out beautiful, but she’s a great example of what plastic surgery can do for those interested.