A Celebrity Surgery Round-Up

heidi-klum-breast-implants kate-beckinsale-150x150-1 heather-locklear-150x150-1 heidi-klum-breast-implants-150x150-1
holly-madison-plastic-surgery-150x150-1 jennifer-anniston-150x150-1

Plastic surgery can be a beautiful thing or a train wreck for many celebrities, but rather than focusing on the celebrities who got a new look wrong, let’s take a moment to celebrate the celebrities who got their new look just right.


Kate Beckinsale’s New Teeth

Sometimes all you need to fix yourself up right is a few pearly whites. Dental implants and veneers are a big, booming business in the cosmetic industry and Kate Beckinsale knew just what to do – get some new, even, white teeth. So she did, and she looks absolutely stunning with them!


Heather Locklear’s Boob Job

A stunner in the eighties and still a stunner today, Heather Locklear managed to get it just right with her new breasts. Breast implants brought the small bust of this former model up to exactly the right size. Her curves are more balanced and she’s just as hot today as she was then.


Heidi Klum’s Breast Implants

Super thin models apparently don’t have large breasts, or at least Heidi didn’t. Fortunately, she was able to find a plastic surgeon who understood that the best breast implants on a small frame are reasonably sized and Heidi looks absolutely great, of course.


Holly Madison’s Everything

Hugh Hefner’s old fling Holly has improved just about everything as far as personal appearances go. Her breasts have definitely been enhanced and she’s had at least one eye or brow  job done to make those pretty eyes look just right. Hugh noticed, her new hubby (who’s not Hugh) noticed, and we’ve certainly noticed.


Jennifer Anniston’s Nose Job

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – America’s sweetheart just looks so much better with a small tweak to her otherwise perfect face. Jennifer’s nose job is so discreet you might not notice it unless you actually look at the old and new pictures side by side.