Andie McDowell Plastic Surgery: Facial Fillers

Another celebrity is coming into the glare of the spotlight with a rounder face than one might expect of a woman her age. While certainly not old, Andie McDowell is an experienced actress and appears to be years younger than what we might expect. While this might be a sign of good genes and healthy lifestyle choices, the round curves to her face may also be the work of facial filler or injectables.

Andie McDowell was recently announced as playing the lead role in the Hallmark Channel’s first prime time series. She’ll be a maniple judge in the show, and naturally wants to look her best. We can’t tell, however, if she’s just been using some new products or if she’s had a bit of help from a plastic surgeon.

If Andie has had plastic surgery, it’s been mild and was used correctly – not over the top as many other celebrities have chosen recently. Andie’s cheeks are smooth and rounded, but not overly full. Some celebrities sport “chipmunk cheeks” after facial fillers for a bit, but those tell tale signs are definitely missing here.

Her face doesn’t appear to be swollen or unnatural either. She just has a healthy glow, her cheeks are pretty and flush and there don’t seem to be any deep lines or wrinkles evident. This is especially impressive for an actress who has reached the age of 54 so graciously and still very much in the spotlight.

While we may never know exactly what surgery options Andie MacDowell chose, her beautiful face is just the sort of testament we need that it is possible to stay young – or at the very least be sure that the youthful spirit is matched by a youthful appearance.