Are Katy’s Perry’s Breasts Real?

Katy Perry is known for her perfect breasts, which are very voluptuous, while also being exceptionally round and firm. This modern-day pin-up girl, who belts out some of pop music’s most popular ditties, is world-renowned as a raven-haired sex symbol for the ages. If you love Katy Perry’s look, you may have wondered if her assets are strictly natural. Rest assured that the same thought has crossed the minds of millions of other people…

Katy denies undergoing breast augmentation, but some critics point to the distinctive round shape of her breasts as a signal that implants are in place. While plenty of women are naturally large-breasted, few have a lot of roundness near the top half of their breasts (as Katy does). Of course, since Katy has clearly won the genetic lotto with her beautiful face, clear blue eyes, and sleek black hair, she may also have struck gold by being born with the perfect pair of breasts.

If you want the Katy Perry look, you will be able to get it with breast implants. Whether Katy’s bust line is one hundred percent natural or boosted by saline (or silicone) implants, her image will be easy to emulate with a breast augmentation procedure. If you’re going for her size and shape, choose round (rather than teardrop-shaped) implants in a C cup. It’s possible that Katy’s breasts are actually a D cup, but a full C is the most likely possibility.

To avoid being unhappy with the results of your breast implants surgery, be certain to choose the right plastic surgeon. The best plastic surgeons are always board-certified, so make sure that any prospective plastic surgeons on your list have this important credential. When a plastic surgeon is board-certified, he or she will have hospital privileges as well as a first-rate reputation. You may need to spend a little extra money to get implants from this type of surgeon, but it will be well worth the money.

Katy Perry Gets Attention

These days, Katy is in the news over her recent divorce from British comedian and wild man, Russell Brand. Katy is reportedly healing fast after the breakup by canoodling with a sexy male model. Katy’s beauty, perfect breasts (real or fake) and lust for life will undoubtedly keep her front and center in the the mass media for years to come. If you want attention that doesn’t stop, you may find what you’re looking for with the right breast implants.