Ashton Kutcher Nose Job Rumors

Lately, former male model Ashton Kutcher, who stars as Charlie Sheen’s replacement in the hit TV show, Two and a Half Men, has been in the headlines due to his divorce from sultry brunette actress, Demi Moore. However, this actor, was is rumored to have dallied with a variety of younger ladies while still married to Demi, is also making headlines for his streamlined and sexy new look, which seems to feature a very skillful and elegant nose job.

If you’ve found Ashton more handsome lately, expert rhinoplasty may just be the reason why…

As you can see in the photographs above, Ashton was always very attractive. However, his nose was really quite wide in the bridge area, which may be perceived as a physical flaw. Ashton, who has very alluring eyes and a full, well-shaped mouth, was just an alleged nose job away from absolute perfection. If Ashton went under the knife, his plastic surgeon knew how to refine his wide bridge without taking away the unique look of his nose.

To get the same sorts of results on your own, consider seeking out rhinoplasty from a board-certified plastic surgeon. These types of plastic surgeons are the cream of the crop, so they offer the sorts of “Hollywood” results that you’ll find on Ashton and other A-list celebs. However, some board-certified plastic surgeons do charge reasonable rates for their services.

When it comes to Kutcher’s nose, pictures don’t lie. While angles, lighting and aging do affect the look of a nose, they don’t usually make it seem smaller. In fact, the truth is that the nose grows with age. Any celebrity who sports a smaller proboscis later in life is probably the recipient of some very subtle and very successful rhinoplasty.

Some of Kutcher’s fans, who’ve followed the actor for years, are convinced that he’s had two nose jobs, rather than one. While Kutcher’s celebrity plastic surgery facts (if any) will probably always remain a secret, it’s crystal clear to many people that this actor is looking better than ever, and that his nose is far more refined-looking than it used to be.

So, what do you think? Are the Ashton Kutcher celebrity plastic surgery rumors for real? Did the actor have a nose job?

Cost of Rhinoplasty

To get the Ashton Kutcher look, you may expect to pay approximately three to eight thousand dollars. Plastic surgery of this type really isn’t the best place to budget stringently, so do look for the best board-certified plastic surgeon in your price range.