‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard – Plastic Surgery?

Emily Maynard shows off her lovely face each Monday as The Bachelorette airs. And as more and more reports surface about her former relationships, older pictures surface with that, including her old school photo. Sure, people mature and grow physically over the years, but people are speculating whether Emily has had plastic surgery done over the years. Well, it turns out that she has had lots of work done, according to a new article by US Weekly as reported by Wetpaint Entertainment.

Us Weekly reports that Emily has undergone a nose job, breast augmentation and received veneers. However, the magazine says this all happened before the 26-year-old beauty ever graced our TV screens. Emily developed aesthetic insecurities during high school when she came down with Bell’s palsy, leaving half of her face paralyzed for months.

Being a single mom and raising her daughter is what her life is all about. Emily is a gorgeous woman, known for her down to earth charm.