Billy Bob Thornton Plastic Surgery: Botox and Hair Plugs


 Many celebrities stop the clock with plastic surgery, but Billy Bob Thornton has not only stopped the clock – he’s taken it back a good fifteen years with his new look. Recently Billy Bob Thornton appeared on Nightline and he wasn’t the gracefully aged, talented actor that we all knew and loved. Now he’s a talented actor with full brown hair and a completely smooth forehead.

Billy Bob rose to fame with his absurd acting talents and strong personality. He is a quintessential man’s man and didn’t give a flying fig what anyone thought about him. A decade ago, an obviously graying Thornton was married to young starlet Angeline Jolie. Although we didn’t see him without his hat often, it was very clear that he was comfortable with his look and the considerable age difference between the two of them. Apparently it didn’t both either one of them much since they were known for a bit of illicit romance in rather public places – like parked limos.

But times have changed and in this case been rather good for Thornton. He dropped briefly off the radar, but came back with a face that appears years younger and a full head of hair. There are only two things that can account for this dramatically changed appearance. Billy Bob has had some Botox lately in his forehead to smooth it out so extensively and he has had surgical hair transplants to fill in the top of his head where hair was thinning extensively as early as a decade ago.

Does he look different? Of course! He looks dramatically different and it’s made many people sit up and wonder. Of course, his younger look may be perfectly suited for some new roles in films and we are excited to see him taking such good care of himself at fifty-six. Surprised? Yes, we are. Pleased? Definitely.