Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery: And the Oscar Goes to Injectables!


2012billy-264x300-1We were all a bit taken aback by Billy Crystal at the Oscars last week, and not just because he wasn’t quite as funny as we’d have liked him to be. It was his appearance that threw us just a bit, because sadly Billy just doesn’t look the way we remember him. This is partially because he hasn’t made a major picture in about ten years, so he has aged away from the spotlight.

While he looked quite a bit older than we were expecting when he walked onto the stage, he still looks surprisingly good for being 63 years old. Billy looked younger, even, than he did in his more recent pictures leading us to believe that the singer, actor and dancer had a bit of work done to smooth away wrinkles and make him shine.

The smooth, polished look that Billy was sporting is most likely the result of billy2011-150x150-1some injections to fill the deeper lines of his face. He didn’t opt for Botox, however, because his face is still able to move quite dramatically for his various skits and scenes, but it is a bit swollen in appearance making it appear as though he used fillers to help erase some signs of aging at least.

There is also a distinct possibility that Billy opted for a mini facelift to lift the bottom portion of his face just a tiny bit. The extra weight around Billy’s chin and neck are noticeable in his older pictures, but his lower face seems to have grown just a wee bit trimmer of late. It could be a good diet. It could be clever make up, or it could be the ideal effect of a great mini facelift – a subtle improvement.