Blake Lively Plastic Surgery: Ditching One Nose for Another

blake-lively-nosejobA beautiful girl already making her mark on Hollywood in a big way, Blake Lively is known for her role on Gossip Girl and in the award-winning movie, The Town. But Blake has made news on her own accord simply for being so fresh and natural – except it’s getting harder to tell if she’s really as natural as she might appear at first blush. The most obvious difference in her natural appearance seems to be a totally different nose. Since you don’t generally lose the front part of a bulbous nose naturally, we can safely assume that Blake took care of that extra big of cartilage with the help of her doctor. Fortunately, unlike many rhinoplasty patients we can name, Blake looks great.

Did Sandra Bullock get a nose job? Rhinoplasty surgery among celebrities is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Judging from before and after photos, it seems very possible!