Bruce Jenner Facelift: Male Plastic Surgery


bruce-jenner-before-after-300x200-1Men are getting more and more plastic surgery – catching up with women in fact – and who better to represent the changing faces of male plastic surgery than Bruce Jenner?

Bruce is an Olympic gold medalist who shot to fame during the 1976 Olympic games. He’s never left the spotlight since, letting us all witness the changes to his face over time as he’s undergone plastic surgery procedures. His latest is a facelift that revises some of the less fortunate work he had done in the 1980s.

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

The first thing Bruce had done was rhinoplasty. His nose job narrowed his nose considerably, and the effect was not as flattering as it might have been if the change had been more subtle. Since that nose job, Bruce has had his eyes done, his forehead lifted and a complete facelift – not once, but twice.

His first facelift was almost thirty years ago now, and it was a partial job that left some distortion to his features. His present for turning sixty just a few years ago was yet another facelift, but this time things are starting to look better for Bruce – his facelift looks amazing.

Bruce Jenner New Facelift

Bruce’s newest facelift does everything correctly that the others didn’t. His face looks smoother and about ten years younger. His facial features are balanced and appropriate for a man his age. Overall he looks rested and improved over his previous work.

Today at 62, Bruce Jenner looks like what he is – an accomplished athlete who lives at least part of his life in the public eye as the patriarch of the Kardashian clan. And best of all, he has a face that makes him look healthy, happy and refreshed. (And that’s quite a feat living with all of the Kardashians!)