Bruce Springsteen Plastic Surgery: Botox and Fillers?

Bruce Springsteen in the 1980’s

Bruce Springsteen has been getting a bit of unwanted attention this week as celebrity watchers start to explore the possibilities that this American icon elected to have a bit of plastic surgery over the years. Back in the 1980’s Bruce did a few magazine covers and it was rather obvious that there were deep lines and some signs of natural aging. When you compare those pictures with pictures of The Boss today, you just don’t see the same signs that were there decades ago. That can only mean one thing – Bruce Springsteen plastic surgery has occurred at some point.

Bruce Springsteen Cosmetic Surgery

Men have just as many plastic surgery options available as female

Bruce Springsteen 2012

celebrities, and it looks as though Bruce has picked his procedures just right. The deep lines that appear to have disappeared or at least faded can probably thank facial fillers and perhaps some Botox. But Bruce is doing this tightening up correctly at least. His face has not become plump or overfilled. Instead he just looks fresh, rested and young. You can even see movement in the brow and on his face while it still looks far younger than it did twenty years ago.

Other Procedures for Bruce Springsteen

Fillers and Botox are probably not the only cosmetic surgery solutions sought out by Bruce. His name has appeared on the list of clients for at least one highly reputable plastic surgeon in New York and his thick, healthy hair may have had a bit of help from hair transplants. At recent red carpet events, his eyes are looking bright and open as well – perhaps more open than they were the last time we checked, which may mean he’s enjoyed an eye lift, or blepharoplasty as well. Whatever he’s done, he’s doing it right!