Cameron Diaz Breast Implants

cameron-diaz-after cameron-diaz-before-after-150x150-1 cameron-diaz-before-150x150-1 cameron-diaz-after-150x150-1

You can judge for yourself, but it appears to us that Cameron Diaz might have had some plastic surgery performed recently.

Spotted on the beach in Hawaii, she’s nearing 40 and single. Did this have any influence on her decision?

She looks great with her new look and shouldn’t be single long!


More plastic surgery before and after pictures:

cameron-diaz-before    cameron-diaz-after

Cameron has previously said to Marie Claire in 2009:

“I’d love to be more voluptuous. It’s just not my body type.”

Cameron Diaz will also be in the new movie ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’.