Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery: Botox Beauty!


zeta-botox-240x300-1Catherine Zeta Jones was stepping out just a few days ago with her husband, Michael Douglas, but it wasn’t Mr. Douglas’s good health spurring whispers among other guests and journalists, it was Catherine’s frozen face that held everyone entranced.

Catherine Zeta Jones is a known smoker. And as we all know smoking helps to age the skin quite dramatically, but at 42 years of age, Catherine has an almost flawless complexion – smooth, healthy, rounded cheeks and very few wrinkles. While she looks amazing, the preserved beauty of the celebrity makes it seem like the magic of a liquid facelift at work.

According to plastic surgeons, it looks as though Catherine has had more than just a bit of Botox done. She has certainly had Botox injections in her forehead and on the outside of her eyes to smooth down her forehead and freeze her eyebrows into place. But she’s also have some work done on her cheeks, and that’s not something Botox can handle.

The smoothness of her cheeks makes Catherine look young and healthy, and while she is both, the healthy skin tone of her cheeks may have been supplemented with a bit of a filler. This helps explain the lack of lines around her mouth as well as the firmness of her lower face.

The only wrinkles that appear at all on the beauty are those around her eyes. It’s not safe to use Botox below the eyes, so there are still fine lines and wrinkles there, but the tops and outer edges of the eye are smooth and healthy looking. Catherine is a perfect example of how a combination of Botox and fillers can help keep the face young with minimal intervention.