Celebrity Boob Job: Nicole Ritchie Has New Breasts!


Nicole Ritchie is a tiny girl, measuring in at just over five feet tall, and with her tiny frame came proportionally small breasts. We were used to seeing Nicole in bikinis that were a bit less filled out than you might normally expect on a Hollywood party girl, but recently Nicole has made some changes. She’s had breast augmentation.

Apparently, Nicole has always talked about a breast lift or perhaps implants, but some of her friends refused to believe she was serious. But apparently after two pregnancies, Nicole is ready to put her girls back into the right place and make them the size she wants. According to Nicole, the breast implants are for her husband, Joel Madden as well as to correct the damage done by pregnancy and nursing.

According to a source close to Nicole, “The pregnancies took a toll.” And now Nicole has fought back against Mother Nature and come out well ahead for her efforts.

Nicole’s new breasts debuted in September after she apparently went under the knife over the summer. Now, Nicole’s curvier figure is proportional again and looking great. She even flaunted her new chest while on a vacation with friends in September. Her bathing suits definitely seem to be fitting differently and it’s clear that Nicole is confident with her new look.

It’s impressive to note that Nicole opted for breast implants that are considerably smaller than what many other women might consider. She matched her frame well and the implants appear natural and are immensely flattering.

Nicole’s choices should be an example for many other women in Hollywood who forget cosmetic surgery is designed to enhance the figure in an alluring way. Nicole certainly has it figured out, and we’re sure that her husband – the proud recipient of the new breasts – would agree as well.

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