Celebrity Parts We’d Pay For

Who wouldn’t want to look like a Hollywood heart-throb? According to TODAY contributor and plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn, there is a lot to love about celebrity faces and bodies and we’ve noticed, too. Apparently, it’s quite a popular thing to request “Angelina’s lips” or “Kim’s butt” at the plastic surgeon’s office. And just what are the most popular celebrity parts? Read on!

Scarlett Johansson’s Lips

Angelina used to hold the prize for big, poufy lips, but now Scarlett has moved into first place. According to Dr. Youn, “I’m hearing fewer and fewer women ask for Angelina’s lips, and more and more women ask for Scarlett’s.”

Michelle Obama’s Arms

She might not be in Hollywood, but she did stir up a craze. After her husband was elected president, women flocked to the surgeon to get “Michelle’s arms.” Apparently Michelle gets her arms naturally from plenty of boxing.

Natalie Portman’s Cheekbones

Stunningly beautiful, Natalie’s cheekbones are naturally perfect – high and arched, they manage to make her look youthful and simply gorgeous. Women are seeking a similar effect through injectables and implants with varying results.

Katy Perry’s Breasts

Perfectly positioned and total natural, Katy Perry sports some beautiful breasts. An ample D cup, her breasts are the ones she grew into and they just happen to be the envy of many women seeking the cosmetic version of the perfect bust.

Jessica Biel’s Butt

Kim Kardashian may have risen to fame on her buttocks, but Jessica wears the crown. This leading lady has naturally sculpted cheeks that are firm, shapely and fit her frame perfectly. She is also the inspiration for many women seeking butt implants as well.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Abs

There are many beautiful bodies in Hollywood, but Nicole’s midsection is tops according to Youn. Sadly liposuction and a tummy tuck can do wonderful things, but they can never create the kind of abs that dedicated exercise and good genes can create.

Ashlee Simpson’s Nose

Her “new” nose may be five years old, but Ashlee’s perfectly sculpted nose is still all the rage with patients seeking nose jobs. According to Dr. Youn, Ashlee “went from being an awkward little sister to a stunningly attractive beauty” with her new nose.

Hayden Panettiere’s Teeth

Stunning teeth are bright white, perfectly aligned and all the right size. Hayden manages to keep her teeth bright and white despite rumors that she smokes. Her charming smile can be duplicated, at least in part, with a skilled cosmetic dentist.

Elisabeth Moss’ Chin

A well defined chin can make a face more symmetrical and striking. Elisabeth has a beautiful chin and women looking to add definition and beauty to their own faces can create a similar effect using chin implants.

Beyonce’s Everything

A truly stunning package seems to have it all. Her curves reveal great legs, great breasts, a great butt and (before the baby at least) a slender midsection. She is the perfect body to use as an example for women seeking curves that nature seems to hand out sparingly.