Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Facial Fillers Done Well….And Not So Well

Fillers are the new rage in Hollywood. It seems all of the stars we see on award shows or in the media have done a bit of nip and tuck over the years, but fillers have started to dominate the plastic surgery scene, mainly because they are a relatively small procedure and they can do a great deal to reverse the lines and wrinkles that come with hard diets, hard workouts and hard partying – a Hollywood way of life.

But among those who have had fillers, how many have been able to enjoy excellent results from the surgery and just how many have gone over the top?

Way Over! Lindsay Lohan facial fillers.

A girl who is not yet thirty-years old looks decades older thanks to a new plastic surgery addiction. Round cheeks, fluffy lips and odd proportions to the face have made this pretty redhead a bit less, well, pretty.

Looks Great! Madonna’s Facial Fillers

The Material Girl, on the other hand, is no stranger to her own plastic surgery interventions. But someone Madonna has managed to tone down the poofy face she had just a few months ago and now her look is more natural and the facial fillers have helped to smooth away the lines and wrinkles you’d expect on a fifty-something woman, no matter how physically fit she is.

Way Over! Lil’ Kim and facial fillers

Lil’ Kim is no stranger to plastic surgery. Her puffy lips, her huge cheeks and her overstretched eyes aren’t a look that is especially flattering. We liked this little celebrity better when she was back at the nose job and boobs part of her surgery addiction.

Looks Great! Billy Crystal Facial Fillers

The recent host of the Academy Awards lost some weight, donned a tux and used a few facial fillers to erase the deep lines on his face. While he looked a bit fuller in the face than his previous pictures, he didn’t look unnatural or odd considering his age. It was a good use of the fillers.