Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Jenelle Evans Breast Implants

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans was proud to show off her newest additions and we don’t mean more babies. Jenelle has recently undergone cosmetic surgery and wound up with a much fuller chest. Breast augmentation was the surgery of choice for this reality show star and she’s thrilled about her new measurements.

In fact, she’s still excited about her new breasts even though some of her own pictures have found their way online. Prior to surgery Jenelle took pictures of her breasts. Now Jenelle Evans before and after pictures are all over the internet – and these aren’t the innocent variety we normally see with swimsuits or evening gowns.

In the authentic pictures, Jenelle is naked and her new breasts are bared to the world for all to see. Some of the pictures still include gauze from the surgery over the incision site. While we’re not going to feature those before and after pictures here, suffice to say we’ve seen them and we’re as pleased with the results of her surgery as Jenelle is.

Her new breast implants look great and the size she selected isn’t overwhelming for her small frame. Jenelle has a comfortable figure and the fuller chest gives her a better balance between her round lower body and her upper body.

We, like so many others watching her enjoy her new breasts, hope that Jenelle doesn’t hurt her new implants or the surrounding tissue by wearing a swimsuit top rather than the fully supportive bra that she should be wearing during this recovery period. But if her doctor says it is okay, it probably is.

It’s nice to see someone so genuinely happy with her figure – a great testimony to what can be done with a cosmetic surgery procedure.