Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Josh Hutcherson Rhinoplasty


There’s a buzz around Hollywood that Josh Hutcherson, one of the star of Hunger Games , has undergone plastic surgery. The rumors about Josh’s nose job are partially correct. He did have a nose job, or rhinoplasty, but he didn’t do it for cosmetic reasons – necessarily.

The attractive star apparently was hurt in some sort of accident and broke his nose. Seeing as how his face is his calling card, he couldn’t just allow the broken nose to heal on it’s own and he opted for a rhinoplasty procedure to get the nose straightened again and corrected before it healed.

While certainly not the typical sort of rhinoplasty procedure you’d expect from Hollywood, Josh has been open and honest about his procedure and we’re curious to see if there are any notable changes in his appearance. Josh Hutcherson is certainly not the first star to have used a medical reason to change the shape of his nose.

This would be a great chance to make any small revisions that he’s been thinking about in regard to his nose, but at only 19, Josh is a bit young to be making any dramatic changes. Currently, Josh has been spotted around Hollywood with a bandage over his nose and he’s been forthcoming on information about his procedure.

A recent tweet from Josh stated “just had surgery to fix my broken nose. recovery sucks…thank god for a marathon on lifetime…#theclientlist thanks @thereal_jlh,”

Josh seems to have the right attitude about his surgery and will hopefully use this recovery time as a reminder that cosmetic surgery procedures are great for those who need them, but probably not for 19-year-old actors who are just reaching the highlight of their career.