Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Snooki Gets Breast Implants!


Snookie may tell Wendy Williams one thing, but she certainly does another. Snooki was once “too afraid” to have plastic surgery, but apparently she got over the fear rather quickly, because the famous Jersey Shore guidette ran straight to the plastic surgeon and opted for some nice breast implants to round out her now much trimmer figure.

She hasn’t actually had the surgery yet, but according to Snooki, all she wants for Christmas is “big knockers like @JENNIWOW”. We can hope at least that Snook doesn’t opt for knockers quite as big as her fellow star’s as they would look a bit ridiculous on her tiny frame, but we are definitely looking forward to seeing the results of her surgery soon.

Snooki has dealt with an eating disorder in the past, but over the last year she has worked very hard to lose weight the old fashioned way – through a careful diet and exercise plan. She has been quite literally shrinking before our eyes as she tones up and slims down and now her fit and trim body is down to about 103 pounds.

At 4 feet and 9 inches Snooki is tiny, and she has about five plans left to go before she reaches her goal weight of 98 pounds – a very healthy weight for someone as tiny as she is. So far Snook is looking amazing at her new fitness level and we’ll admit that we think she will look wonderful if she opts for realistically sized breast implants that make sense on her newly svelte frame.

What’s most important for a tiny girl like Snook is that she chooses the breast implants that are an appropriate size for her body. Being as tiny as she is, we’d like to see her with a bust that makes a statement without opting for a bust that makes her look ridiculous. As this is the most popular time of the year for plastic surgery – we’ll have to see what Snooki looks like in a few weeks!

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