Celebrity Plastic Surgery – What did Mickey Rourke Do to His Face?

Mickey Rourke is a wonderful actor who rose to prominence in the erotic thriller, 9 1/2 Weeks (co-starring blond beauty Kim Basinger). These days, you’d be hard-pressed to see a resemblance between the sensual and mysterious Mickey Rourke of 9 1/2 Weeks fame and the Mickey Rourke of today. This actor has ‘fessed up to going under the knife (how could he possibly deny it?), and some people think he’s gone way too far.

Plastic surgery is a wonderful tool for staying young and fresh-looking, but it can become an addiction, and, sometimes, this is not a good thing. Celebrity plastic surgery addicts, such as Mickey Rourke and comedienne Joan Rivers, simply don’t know when to stop. So, what did Mickey Rourke do to his face…and why did he do it?

Well, it appears that Mickey’s foray into boxing led to some facial injuries that left him a mere shadow of his former self. This aspiring pugilist marred his face by taking punches, and he attempted to fix the damage with a slew of plastic surgery procedures. From the looks of it, Mickey, who electrified film-goers with his gritty, authentic performance in Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, went for a full face lift, Botox, and even lip augmentations. His nose, which may have been broken during his boxing days, also seems to have a very different shape, so he may have undergone rhinoplasty (nose job surgery) as well.

If Mickey had avoided the boxing and aged naturally, he’d likely look very handsome today (without plastic surgery). However, he made a choice, and, by trying to over-correct for his injuries, he took a lot of masculinity and character out of his face. A little Botox – and perhaps an eye lift – would have been more than enough to keep Mickey looking sexy throughout the years. Nonetheless, he has great force and charisma, and he carries himself with enormous confidence, which is always very attractive. After all, looks aren’t everything…

Enjoy Plastic Surgery in Moderation

Plastic surgery is meant to enhance your features, rather than creating a whole new face. Take a lesson from Hollywood’s plastic surgery addicts and recognize that less is more. Whether you want a nose job, Botox, or a face lift, take the time to look for a board-certified surgeon that will deliver truly natural results. Then, think carefully before you sign on for multiple procedures, as a little bit of skillful plastic surgery goes a very long way.