Courtney Cox: Honest About Plastic Surgery Past

Now in her mid-40’s and suddenly single following her public split with former hubby David Arquette, it appears as though Courtney Cox went out and got herself two new Friends. Cox has previously gone on record as saying that “plastic surgery is a tool that any celebrity should have but that you have to use it sparingly.”  The star has admitted to getting Botox injections, confirming many people’s suspicions of those who thought it was odd that a woman in her 40s didn’t have a single wrinkle on her stunningly beautiful face.


As an actress that has been in the public eye ever since Bruce Springsteen plucked her from a crowd in the 1984 Dancing in the Dark video, she really does look amazing these days, and is evidence that plastic surgery can be a very tasteful approach to aging gracefully.  If you examine this Courtney Cox before and after shot, you’ll clearly see that the actress seems to have had some work done – particularly around her eyes and mouth. In the photo, her smile lines have been minimized, her eyes look brighter, and her skin looks smoother as a whole. Procedures that could create these effects include Botox or other injectable fillers, facelifts, browlifts, breast implants and more.

One thing for sure is that Courtney Cox’s plastic surgeon is doing a great job minimizing the “plastic” look on her face by making it look more natural. No wonder David Arquette wants her back!

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