Did Gwenyth Paltrow Get a Nose Job?

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her icy and patrician blond beauty, but she started out as a brunette. In addition to bleaching her locks for the perfect, cool blond look, Paltrow may also have had rhinoplasty.

While the beautiful, fitness-obsessed actress, who lit up the screen as Pepper Potts in Iron Man and Iron Man 2, has never confessed to a nose job, many experts have compared her before-and-after photos and concluded that she’s had a little rhinoplasty assistance from a very good plastic surgeon.

Of course, the best plastic surgery of this type is always subtle, and Gwyneth’s alleged nose job is no exception. Streamlining the shape of the nose, while keeping its individual qualities in place, is the hallmark of a perfect rhinoplasty, and Paltrow’s reported nose job is truly a masterpiece.

Before, Gwyneth’s nose seemed to have more prominent nostrils and a much wider tips. While she was still a very pretty young girl, with lovely eyes and a very distinct face shape, her looks lacked the clean-cut elegance that grown-up Gwyneth displays.

It’s safe to say that young Gwyneth had natural beauty to spare. However, without her alleged rhinoplasty, she may not have become the beauty icon and famous actress that she is today. The  power of plastic surgery is really quite amazing, and nothing illustrates this point quite like comparing before-and-after photographs of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities.

As aspiring thespians, these men and women knew that their image would affect their ability to rise in the business and achieve their ambitions, so they analyzed their flaws and set about fixing them. Ordinary people who also want success and beauty may follow in their footsteps by choosing to reinvent themselves with plastic surgery.

Whether you want a subtle nose job like Gwyneth’s (if she did have rhinoplasty) or a dramatic change that makes you feel like a whole new person, the most important thing that you can do is find a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform  your operation.

These types of plastic surgeons are the cream of the crop, and they give the sort of results that their patients really appreciate. You may find these surgeons via the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Get the Hollywood Look with Expert Rhinoplasty

Beauty isn’t just for celebs with money to burn. If you want a Hollywood look that makes you feel like a million dollars, you should know that there are financing options available to make nose job operations more affordable. Look for line of credit loans and third-party financing, as these options will allow you to pay off your surgery with low monthly payments. If you really want to change your nose for the better, there are many ways to make your goal a reality.