Did Howard Stern Refine His Looks with Plastic Surgery?

According to shock jock Howard Stern’s staff members and audience members, he has indeed confessed to tweaking his distinctive looks with a little skillful celebrity plastic surgery. While Howard, whose signature rude, in-your-face radio style now dominates the Sirius radio network airwaves, does look more classically handsome these days, thanks to an alleged chin implant and nose job (also known as a rhinoplasty), his offbeat looks were always quite arresting in their own way.

Today, the outspoken radio host, who divorced his longtime wife, Alison, to take up with blond bombshell Beth Otrosky, has a very different look from the old days, thanks to plastic surgery. However, Howard obviously chose his celebrity plastic surgery practitioner wisely, as he hasn’t lost the character and masculinity in his face by having one or two plastic surgery procedures. Sometimes, men, such as former Olympian Bruce Jenner, choose too many procedures (or the wrong procedures), and begin to lose the rugged look that is part and parcel of being an older man. Good plastic surgery, such as that enjoyed by Howard Stern, never gives an androgynous look, and it doesn’t wipe away every trace of individuality.

By comparing the before and after shots above (before is on the left), we can plainly see that Howard’s formerly prominent nose has been refined to slim both its bridge and its tip. In addition, his jawline is far more square and defined, probably due to the expert placement of a chin implant. People with weak or receding chins really benefit from chin implants, as they bring this important feature forward and provide a stronger, more distinct facial shape.

Howard Stern’s plastic surgery choices were wise ones. He focused on his biggest physical flaws and then subtly changed them, but not enough to make him look like a different person. In plastic surgery, as in life, Howard is savvy in the extreme, and the payoff for his plastic surgery procedures was truly excellent. Today, the mega-rich shock jock remains a self-made man who garners the adoration of millions of men and women. Howard’s newly-photogenic visage is just one more facet of his legendary appeal.

Refine Your Own Looks with Plastic Surgery

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