Did Natalie Portman Get Plastic Surgery?

Natalie Portman, the beautiful brunette child actress who rose to fame in the Hollywood thriller, The Professional, grew up to score a plum role as Queen Amidala in The Phantom Menace (Star Wars: A New Hope). While Natalie, who recently dazzled film-goers as a mentally tortured ballerina in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, is clearly a natural beauty, it’s possible that she had a little help refining her face with a subtle and successful nose job.

This form of plastic surgery, which is also known as rhinoplasty, is a long-time favorite of Hollywood actresses, as it allows them to get a doll-like look that really resonates on the silver screen. If you admire Portman’s elegant features and dark good looks, you may be curious about whether or not Natalie went under the knife to get expert celebrity plastic surgery…

By comparing the photos above, it’s easy to see that Natalie’s alleged nose job gave her face a more delicate look. Before, young Natalie was undeniably fresh and pretty, but her nose was much wider at the bridge and tip. By narrowing her nose, a skilled plastic surgeon created a more iconic face – one that helped Natalie to become one of the world’s most renowned beauties. If Natalie did go under the knife, she was careful not to change her nose too much. In fact, her alleged rhinoplasty is a perfect example of natural plastic surgery that improves a person’s appearance without telegraphing the fact that work was performed.

Getting this sort of natural celebrity plastic surgery is now easier than ever. The first step to a pleasing, red-carpet ready end result is choosing the right plastic surgeon, and that means selecting a board-certified professional with exactly the right credentials. Chances are good that Natalie chose a world-class plastic surgeon with years of experience performing expert rhinoplasty. After all, when it comes to being a Hollywood actress, your face really is your fortune.

Natalie, who recently had her first child, a boy named Aleph, with ballet star Benjamin Millepied, is currently as happy as she’s ever been. Great plastic surgery often enhances success, relationships and general quality of life, by giving the patient a renewed sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. If the look of your nose makes you self-conscious, why not do what Natalie (probably) did, and revise the look of your nose with the best plastic surgery?

Prices for rhinoplasty usually start around six thousand dollars, but, for most, the results are truly priceless. Plastic surgeons offer computer imaging services that allow them to show prospective patients exactly how they will look with their new noses. This means that it’s possible to get stellar celebrity plastic surgery results that offer a true Hollywood look. With the right nose job, you’ll be able to put your best face forward for a lifetime. To find out more, book a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon today.