Did Rihanna Get a Nose Job?

Stunning, green-eyed songstress Rihanna hails from sunny Barbados, and she’s one of that country’s most famous exports. Today, Rihanna, whose sexy, sultry style has electrified a generation, is also a spokesmodel for Cover Girl cosmetics. In fact, Rihanna has become one of the world’s beauty and fashion icons, as she knows exactly how to play up her gorgeous skin, eyes, body and bone structure with the riskiest, edgiest outfits, hairstyles, makeup looks and accessories. However, according to , Rihanna may have gotten a little help to look as good as she does. Most plastic surgery rumors about this Caribbean beauty are centered on an alleged nose job (also known as a rhinoplasty).

If Rihanna did go under the knife to refine her nose, she certainly wouldn’t be the first music star to do it. While the common perception is that singers can’t have nose jobs, because it would affect their voices, many pop stars and songstresses do in fact undergo rhinoplasties to look more attractive and appealing to their fans. Usually, aspiring stars will get these nose jobs early on in their careers, before they are very well known, because it’s easier to escape scrutiny over their plastic surgery during that phase. Then, by the time that they are ready to launch their first album, they’ve perfected their appearance to catch the attention of millions of fans.

In fact, it’s commonly believed that young singers are directed towards plastic surgery by record company executives and other VIPs who know exactly what the general public wants from their recording artists. The music matters, but image is everything…

Rihanna was Always Gorgeous

As you can see in the before photo (shown above), Rihanna was always drop-dead gorgeous. Blessed with the most beautiful caramel skin tone, almond-shaped, jade-green eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips, she needed little help to become the face of the decade. However, her nose used to be a little bit broad in the tip. Now, after her , Rihanna has a more delicate nose, although it is quite a subtle example of very natural-looking rhinoplasty. As you can also see in the pictures above, Rihanna also appears to be sporting a pair of large, round breast implants, which differ radically from her before photo.

Celebrities (or celebrities-in-the-making) have access to resources that allow them to become their best selves. However, these plastic surgery services are not out of reach to typical people who aren’t rich and renowned. If you want the Rihanna look, you can get it from a board-certified plastic surgeon. Typically, breast implants will cost about seven thousand dollars, and a rhinoplasty (nose job) will cost nine thousand dollars and up. Financing is available to make the cost of cosmetic surgery more manageable.

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