Does Mad Men Star Christina Hendricks Have Breast Implants?

If you love watching the retro-cool television program, Mad Men, you’ll probably noticed the voluptuous curves of the show’s redheaded vixen, Christina Hendricks. On the show, this old-school beauty flaunts her gorgeous, porcelain skin and very large breasts in a series of clinging sweaters that leave very little to the imagination. After capturing the hearts of countless men through her scenes on Mad Men, Christina has also become the subject of fascination for millions of women, who wonder if the actresses’ bodacious bosom is actually “the real thing”.

As you can see in the photo comparison above, Christina’s breasts seem radically bigger than they used to be. Of course, she did have very nice breasts in the past, when she was much thinner, and weight gain does tend to make the breasts grow larger. Still, Christina’s early pictorials from her modelling days seem to belie the idea that her voluptuous bosom is God-given.

The actress denies all of the breast implant and celebrity plastic surgery rumors, stating, “”It’s so bizarre that people are constantly asking if my breasts are real or fake. They’re so obviously real that anyone who’s ever seen or touched a breast would know.” However, other stars have been known to fervently deny such celebrity plastic surgery gossip, while secretly going under the knife on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s truly hard to say whether or not this curvy beauty is one hundred percent truthful regarding her massive breasts and their origins.

You Can Get the Christina Hendricks Look with Breast Implants

Today, women have the power to be who they want to be with the help of skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons. Any woman who wants the Christina Hendricks look can get it with round breast implants that are least two cup sizes larger than her natural cup size. While this sort of breast augmentation may seem extreme to some ladies, it works perfectly for others who are confident enough to carry off very big, very noticeable breasts.

The beauty of modern plastic surgery is just how many choices it offers to women. Whether you want subtle, elegant and small breast implants with a natural, teardrop shape, or round, large implants that create a sex kitten silhouette, you’ll be able to choose the perfect breast implant shape, size and profile for your personal needs. Typically, breast implant surgery costs between seven and nine thousand dollars, so it’s an investment in your personal self-esteem. You may seek out financing to manage the cost of getting breast implants that give you the image that you’ve always wanted.