Good Plastic Surgery

Many celebrities continue to look great over the years, and sometimes its more than winning the gene pool lottery.

It’s no secret that plastic surgery and celebrities often go together, especially with the competition to look good in Hollywood in order to continue getting leading roles in film and television.

The following are a few of our favorites to have gone under the knife and continue to look good.

Jennifer Aniston

Jen continues to look great in her mid forties

Procedures: nose job (rhinoplasty or deviated septum)

Rumor: breast implants, facelift

Kate Beckinsale

After having a few plastic surgery procedures, Kate Beckinsale is a stunning petite woman.

Procedures:  rhinoplasty, gum reduction, cosmetic dentistry (veneers)

Rumor: breast implants

Adrianne Curry

After winning America’s Next Top Model, she had small implants to ‘even out’ (one breast slightly smaller)

Procedures:  rhinoplasty, breast implants

Rumor: none