Gwen Stefani: Plastic Surgery?

There is “no doubt” that Gwen Stefani is the epitome of cool. First breaking out with an incredibly successful rock group, then selling millions of records as a solo artist, oh and did I mention her fashion empire? She also has an incredibly sexy husband and two, gorgeous children.

Along with success, comes a certain responsibility for one’s appearance in the spotlight. While Gwen has a natural fashion style, it is possible that she has had some help when it comes to her body. Though, she has never admitted to plastic surgery, based on pictures, some say the 41 year old has had a little help from cosmetic procedures, in particular, a nose job, botox, and a breast augmentation.

From photos taken in her youth and early in her career, the 42 year old singer’s nose appeared wider. More recent pictures show a perfected, slimmed down version.

Gwen grew up in sunny, southern California, yet she sports a wrinkle free face. Many believe that this was made possible through Botox injections.

In the early 90s, she proudly sported a much flatter version of the chest she has today. While the increase of her cup size could be attributed to many things, it looks like implants may have been the key to giving her a fuller chest.

With or without plastic surgery, Gwen Stefani continues to rock our world.