Has Gwen Stefani Gotten Breast Implants?

No Doubt front woman and Loreal spokes model Gwen Stefani is a fashion and beauty icon for millions of women all over the world. Her porcelain skin, platinum hair and cherry-red lips evoke Old Hollywood glamour, and they contrast beautifully with her modern, edgy wardrobe. However, Gwen has never been known for her voluptuous breasts.

In fact, she’s always been quite small on top. Gwen compensated for this element of her physique by playing up her flat stomach, fit arms and long legs. Today, the songstress, who is married to Gavin Rossdale of Bush, is looking fuller on top, and many suspect that she has gotten A or small B-cup breast implants.

While all of these plastic surgery rumors are pure speculation, is it safe to say that Gwen has a curvier bust line than she used to. Naysayers argue that pregnancy or breastfeeding may have given Gwen a temporary boost in breast size, and they decry the plastic surgery rumors. However, Gwen’s newest son, Zuma, is well past the breastfeeding stage, and Gwen still appears to have a more bodacious top half.

If she did get a breast enlargement, it’s clear that she chose subtle silicone or saline implants that blended perfectly with her natural body type. Obviously, Gwen Stefani is a very bright woman, and she understands her own image very well. If she chose small implants to create a bit more volume, she was careful to ensure a totally natural result. Since Gwen has her own fashion line and is an aficionado of clothing and accessories, big implants would be a mistake for her. Most fashion designers who show their frocks and other ensembles on the runways of Paris and New York do not design for women with large breasts.

After all, fashion models are usually size two at the most, and they are generally very small on top due to their extremely low body fat levels. Gwen enjoys the high-fashion look, and she would not be able to wear couture samples and other designer freebies if she had a very large bust line. For Gwen, small is best. Her rumored breast enlargement leaves her with perfectly round and perky breasts that are about the same size as a champagne glass cup. These elegant, alleged implants give her a little hit of sexiness, without changing her appearance or image too much.

In fact, under the makeup and hair bleach, Gwen does have a very natural beauty. Her lovely brown eyes, straight nose, and lean limbs are very pleasing to the eye. If she got breast augmentation plastic surgery, good for her. However, she was certainly a raving beauty without it.