Has Lady Gaga Gone Under the Knife?

Lady Gaga is a mercurial talent, and she dazzles audiences with her outré theatrics, wild costumes, and deep, perfectly-pitched singing voice. Born Stephanie Germanotta, this young woman was talented enough to be accepted into New York City’s prestigious Julliard school for the arts. Today, Lady Gaga has also become a powerful fashion and beauty icon, due to her strong features, confident air, and risky sense of style.

While many feel that this singer/songwriter is merely another Madonna clone, Gaga’s fans, who are known as “little monsters”, beg to differ. When it comes to Lady Gaga’s particular brand of passionate Italian-American beauty, there is the chance that a little of the performer’s signature sexiness should be credited to her plastic surgeon. All over the World Wide Web, Lady Gaga celebrity plastic surgery rumours are rampant. In fact, many people believe that the singer had a nose job to give her face a little more glamour and refinement.

By comparing the photos above, you’ll see that Lady Gaga’s nose looks far different in the “before” shot. Therefore, chances are good that the celebrity plastic surgery allegations centered on the performer have some basis in reality. Before, Lady Gaga was attractive, but her nose had far more broadness. By allegedly undergoing a rhinoplasty plastic surgery procedure, the disco icon refined the bridge of her nose, creating a more doll-like look that has clearly not hurt her in the music business. Since the singer devotes so much effort to own image, it’s in no way surprising that she would take matters into her own hands by signing on for expert rhinoplasty. And why shouldn’t she?

Today, women have the power to be whomever they want to be. In fact, men who want to change their faces for the better are also able to customize their noses to suit their own preferences. Plastic surgery has come a long way, and the most skilled plastic surgeons are in a position to give their patients the results that they really want. Typically, a good nose job will cost between seven and ten thousand dollars, and results will last forever. If you’re getting a nose job, your final tab will include the plastic surgeon’s fee, the facility fee, the cost of anesthesia, and other related expenses.

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