Has Megan Fox Been Tranfsormed with Plastic Surgery?

Transformers actress Megan Fox is a sex symbol for the ages, and her raven hair, bright blue eyes, and sleek, taut body have captured the attention of legions of fans. However, early photos of Megan seem to make it clear that this feisty, notoriously outspoken brunette may have had more than a little help from a gifted plastic surgeon.

Over time, Megan’s features have become more refined; for example, her lips are fuller, which hints at lip augmentation, and her nose is much more elegant, which positively screams, “rhinoplasty” (nose job). Some people even believe that Megan, who is known for her gorgeous orbs, wears colored contacts, just like Paris Hilton does! Allegedly, Megan has brown eyes, but pumps up her looks with turquoise contact lenses that she is never, ever seen without.

Of course, celebrity plastic surgery rumors are just that…rumors. So it’s important to check out before-and-after photographs of stars to see for yourself if the changes in their looks are just due to aging, weight loss, and the like, or if they are due to the scalpel.

In Megan’s case, it does seem clear that her basic facial features have been tweaked at some point, and probably more than once.

At the very least, Megan is likely to receive regular Botox injections from a plastic surgeon, as her “after” forehead is preternaturally smooth. From the looks of it, Megan also refined the bridge of her nose to take away a small bump, thus streamlining her profile and giving her a more doll-like, perfected appearance.

It also looks like Megan darkens her hair to heighten the contrast between her blue eyes, fair skin, and raven tresses. If Megan did go under the knife to make her beauty more powerful and undeniable, then she undoubtedly found a highly-skilled plastic surgeon with the chops to give her a truly iconic face. While Fox reminds many people of Angelina Jolie, she does have her own look, and she remains a source of fascination with a younger generation of fans, who first saw her onscreen, opposite Shia LaBeouf, in Transformers.

Megan’s alleged plastic surgery is also rumored to include a breast augmentation. This fitness-obsessed actress, who is very petite indeed, probably didn’t need liposuction or a tummy tuck to get the celebrity look. However, she may have needed a little more fullness in her chest area to amp up her va-va-voom sex appeal.

When it comes to deciphering celebrity plastic surgery rumors, pictures definitely tell a story. What do you think…did Megan Fox have plastic surgery?