Has Posh Spice Had Plastic Surgery?

Sultry, posh brunette Victoria Beckham rose to fame when her girl group, the Spice Girls, took the world by storm. Today, she lives a life of rare luxury and privilege with her soccer star husband, David Beckham, and their beautiful children. Now renowned for her sophisticated fashion line, Victoria is very concerned with her own image, and she is rarely photographed in casual clothes. High heels, sleek dresses, and a modern, chic hairstyle characterize Victoria’s ”Posh Spice” style, and she’s become a beauty icon for millions of women. For years, rumors have floated around that Victoria has gone under the knife to augment her breasts.

As you can see in the photos above, Victoria clearly went for breast implants at some point in her life, and she went big. The round breast implants that she chose may have been a little too large for her delicate frame. A stringent dieter, Victoria’s body looks very different from her Posh Spice days, when she had more softness and curves. Today, the fashionista is lean and mean, and the celebrity plastic surgery implants shown above, on the right, may have seemed too prominent. These days, Victoria appears to have smaller breasts than those shown in this older photograph. Since removing breast implants often causes sagging and significant loss of volume, it’s quite possible that the singer and fashion designer chose a breast implants revision, where smaller implants that suit her body type more replaced the large implants that she used to have.

In terms of facial plastic surgery, Victoria has shown a lot of restraint. Chances are good that she gets Botox injections regularly; however, she hasn’t changed her face with rhinoplasty, perhaps because her features are already so well-known. Victoria’s nose, while far from perfect, is actually the secret of her “Posh” look, since it’s so upturned. The snooty look she displays is her stock in trade, and she may be wise to leave that feature alone. While Victoria’s nostrils are a little too prominent, she does have significant natural beauty, and she likely visits the plastic surgeon only to maintain her youthful appearance with anti-aging skin treatments, such as Botox and microdermabrasion.

If you want larger breasts, like Victoria’s first set of breast implants, you may seek out the celebrity plastic surgery look by getting a breast augmentation from a board-certified plastic surgeon. However, you may also follow Beckham’s lead by choosing smaller, B cup implants, such as those she seems to have now. How you look is your choice, and plastic surgery is an empowering way to enjoy the “Girl Power” that the Spice Girls made so famous.