Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery: Natural Nose Job

Plastic surgery is designed to enhance your natural beauty and nobody seems to have done this better than Jennifer Aniston. If you watch her over the years, you’ll notice that her girl-next-door good looks never seem to fade and they certainly haven’t taken on the overly tightened or enhanced appearance of other celebrities her age. But a closer look shows us why – she’s had a few nips and tucks, but they are all carefully done in order to appear flawlessly natural.

Her latest indulgence in cosmetic surgery involved a bit of work done on her nose. She has always had a cute, although not “perfect” nose, and if she wound up with a perfect on we’d all know something went down. But lately her nose just seems, for a lack of a better word, nicer and by comparing some pictures, it’s obvious why – she’s had the bridged narrowed.

Jennifer’s original nose was slightly off center and it was wide all the way down her face. This is part of why she has such an appealing look – she’s not a super model, she’s a natural, down-to-earth beauty. Her latest pictures show that she’s taken a bit of the width of her nose down without actually changing its shape. She narrowed it and straightened it just a bit through the shaving so that it’s still off center in a charming way, but not as much as it was.

Her nostrils are less pronounced and her eyes stand out even more with such a flattering nose to set them off. Thinner, shapelier, but still very much her own nose, Jennifer has done what every star should do – take a token look and slightly enhance it. If we hadn’t been looking so hard we’d have never noticed she’d even had the work done.

Rumors have been flying since 2008 and they are popping up again – Rihanna looks as though she’s had a bit of work done. In particular, it looks as though she’s had a boob job. It’s easy to dismiss her new chest dimensions because they aren’t dramatically different than they were before. Rhianna is a small girl and she’s always had a small chest, but they don’t quite seem as small as they did before.

In 2008 it was rumored that Rihanna was spotted at the office of a popular cosmetic surgeon – one who specialized in breast implants. Since then we’ve had trouble deciding if she did or if she didn’t actually augment. There’s definitely something different in her cleavage, but without the dramatic increases that so many other celebrities prefer, she’s got us just a wee bit stumped.

Check out Rhianna’s pics – she’s beautiful and her face doesn’t seem much changed over the years – perhaps a bit of shaving on her nose, but nothing hugely noticeable. But her chest is dramatically different. The question isn’t does it look different? Obviously it does – but are her new breasts the product of surgery or just better bras?

In one picture it’s obvious Rhianna wasn’t doing too much to lift and separate her breasts for maximum cleavage. Later, however, coincidentally after her alleged appointment with the surgeon, her breasts are fuller, higher and definitely more front and center. But they aren’t full all the way around. They just seem to be lifted, which makes at least this blogger wonder if it’s just the magic of a Miracle Bra rather than the magic of silicone.

Regardless of whether Rihanna went under the knife or if she just got a better personal shopper for her undergarments, she looks great and isn’t that what self improvement is really all about?

Known for her outlandish costumes and her in-your-face antics, Lady Gaga is a force to be reckoned with. While her face might never be called traditionally beautiful, she is certainly striking and her own position on embracing what makes you special and unique is certainly a positive message. Gaga, otherwise known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has worked hard to create her own image and to improve her looks through hair, make up and a very subtle nose job.

If you were to look at older pictures of Lady Gaga you’ll see that she has a distinctly prominent nose. Her eyes are large and noticeable, but her prominent nose is most striking in her earlier pictures. In later pictures, including those where she is performing live in concert, you’ll notice that Gaga’s nose is much shapelier. Her nose is thinner through the bridge and the hump in the middle of the nose has been removed. It’s now straight, narrow and has just a wee bit of a bulbous tip leaving it an authentic look.

Gaga’s new nose is the perfect accompaniment for her bright eyes and pouty lips. Now, her nose no longer dominates her face and her handsome features come through clearly. Dark make up and a careful application of bronzer and blush make Gaga look healthy and radiant in virtually all of her modern pictures.

In her most modern images, however, Gaga has gone a bit beyond rhinoplasty. She’s had facial horns implanted just at her cheekbones and she’s been enjoying the look since the Grammys this year. The look is certainly different, but in regard to her hush-hush nose job and her new body modifications, Gaga says, “I am an artist, and I have the ability and the free will to choose the way the world will envision me.”

He might not be a household name in every household in the US, but pretty boy Kim Hyun Joong, otherwise known as the “Walking Statue” is a big name on the Asian television and music circuit and his fame is spreading. Good looking and talented, Joong is getting ready to release his second album, Lucky. It’s said to sound a lot like punk music, and looking at some of the photos of Kim Hyun Joong, punk makes perfect sense.

The good looking rocker prefers a punk hairstyle and looks good in everything he wears, in particular the leather collection he features in some of his earlier albums. Clean cut and looking sharp, he appeared on an Asian television show, Golden Fishery, a talk show that discussed his success and upcoming album.

When the host of the show asked Kim if his looks, dubbed “the Walking Statue” were God-given or doctor created, Kim surprised everyone (perhaps even himself?) by admitting that the basics were God-given, but that doctors had “touched it up a bit.”

Apparently Joong had an incident with rocks growing up and his nose was broken when some boys in his neighborhood were throwing the rocks around. He opted to have a plastic surgeon correct the broken nose and so long as he was repairing the nose, he had it fixed up a bit and even “lifted” giving the audience a hint that he was well aware of how he might be projecting himself.

Confident in his looks and humorous to boot, it’s refreshing that a young star just growing on the global stage is willing to share his real story with his fans and the music industry as a whole. Perhaps more artists both in Asia and around the world will come forward to start similar discussions.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Wanda Sykes is opening up about her own close call with cancer. Wanda is a funny lady on television and movies and you may not have ever noticed but this funny lady was lugging around a very heavy chest. According to Sykes, “I had real big boobs and I just got tired of knocking over stuff. Every time I eat … Oh lord. I’d carry a Tide stick everywhere I go. My back was sore so it was time to have a reduction.”

So in February of this year she had a reduction. A breast reduction is a form of plastic surgery that does the opposite of what many women look forward from their plastic surgeon. Women like Wanda who are troubled by heavy breasts and tired of the marks on their shoulders from tight bras and the awkwardness of trying to maneuver through life with a large bosom finally snap and act the doctor to remove the extra tissue making the breasts more manageable. We suspect Wanda had a bit of a lift and reshape at the time, and who can blame her? New breasts deserve to be high and proud on the chest!

What is most interesting of all about Wanda’s surgery, however, isn’t how nice her new breasts look. It’s actually the cancer scare her surgery gave her. During a breast reduction, much of the breast tissue is removed from the body. Like all removed tissue, it’s subject to some tests and in Wanda’s case those tests revealed that she had cancer.

Through the lab work, or pathology, it was discovered that Wanda had ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS. This was a huge surprise to Wanda, but the good news is that the tissue was removed already and the cancer along with it. DCIS is one of the earliest stages of cancer, so Wanda is truly lucky – she was in the earliest stages of cancer and after a surgery she’s wanted for years, she’s now cancer-free.