Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery: Her New Trout Pout

There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez is absolutely stunning. So why did this beautiful mother of two opt for lip fillers? Jennifer was never one to show off anything but a perfect physique. Her butt made her famous, her voice dazzled us (even if her acting didn’t), and now Jennifer is on American Idol offering advice on other music hopefuls. Did this diva get a bit dolled up for her season on American Idol? Judges say…yes, it appears that way!

Jennifer’s lips have always been full and beautiful. They perfectly suited her angular face and make her look lush and kissable. (A very good combination for a starlet, naturally.) In recent pictures her mouth seems a bit fuller than it has in the past, and it’s starting to make us wonder if she opted to go ahead and have a bit of filler added to plump out her mouth even more. Products like Restylana or Juvederm are perfectly common in Hollywood and if Jennifer opted for a little fill, we’re not ones to discourage her.

What’s important to realize is that Jennifer looks good in just about everything she puts on in the morning. We loved her through the days of hip hop grunge and we love her still in her recent finery. So long as those pretty lips are smiling, we’ll love her still!

Even if her lips are noticeably fuller, they aren’t unattractive. If anything they are just as beautiful as they always have been – if a slightly different shape – and the fillers don’t seem to detract from her natural good looks in any way. Lip fillers we don’t mind for such a shapely star. But if we were to ever find out that the round bottom she’s been sporting for years is anything but the real deal, there will definitely be hell to pay!