Jocelyn Wilderstein: Correcting a Bad Facelift


For quite a while Jocelyn Wilderstein was the poster child for too much plastic surgery. She broke the cardinal rules of cosmetic surgery and as a result, her facial features were so off kilter and enhanced she didn’t resemble a real person. But we’re happy to report that Jocelyn has finally found the answer and her plastic surgery, once an embarrassment, has become a true benefit.

Before, Jocelyn had become so obsessed with plastic surgery she’d gone overboard and missed the boat on what made a face attractive. Normally plastic surgery is designed to make the face more attractive by arranging the features with more perfections – often following a mathematical formula – or at least a strong ratio. The base of the nose, for example, should be the same width as the space between the eyebrows to be ideally beautiful.

Jocelyn has had a lot of work done lately, but in this case, unlike the last, she looks amazing! It’s outstanding what plastic surgery can do to fix problem areas on your natural face as well as fix problem areas created by careless surgeons.

Jocelyn’s facelift was too tight initially. Her skin was stretched so much that her eyebrows had wound up on her forehead and her eyes had an unnatural shape. She had a very large, almost masculine, chin implant that was the wrong scale for her face. It’s since been removed. The overstuffed lips Jocelyn was sporting a few months ago are back to a normal, attractive size, and Jocelyn’s nose, which appeared to be the only area not touched with her massive surgeries earlier, is now nicely shaped and defined to maximize her facial beauty.

In short, we’ll have to pick another poster child for bad surgery, because Jocelyn Wilderstein went over the plastic surgery edge, but she used that same sort of surgery to come right back again and looks amazing.

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