Kate Gosselin: Face Lift Plus 8 Plastic Surgeries

Has Kate Gosselin gone under knife for more plastic surgery?


The 36 year old mom of 8 barely resembles her crica-2007 self – the year Jon and Kate Plus 8 made its reality TV debut. When Gosselin appeared before the paparazzi on her first day of a new job as a coupon site blogger, she looked to be debuting a brand new look.

May believe the former reality star is consumed with her appearance, and it is not hard to believe since Gosselin has already received a tummy tuck in 2007, breast implants in 2009 and was spotted getting Botox injections in 2010. All that in addition to her 3 time a week tanning schedule.

It appears Kate may have lost weight as well as having undergone a face and necklift so that her lower face and jawline appear smoother and more defined,” Dr. Jennifer Walden told Hollywoodlife. “[She] possibly [had] an eyelid lift for younger appearing eyes with a little different shape, Botox to the forehead, and rhinoplasty surgery that lowered and straightened the bridge of her nose.

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