Katrina Darrell: Breast Implants?

Katrina Darrell’s recent brush with the law is not the only thing sounding sirens. The 2009 American Idol contestant proudly sports a pair of perky breasts; likely the result of cosmetic surgery.

Recently arrested in California, Darrell was brought in by police for running a red light and hitting another vehicle.  She is being charged with two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run and a DUI from the March incident. Despite blowing twice the legal alcohol limit in California, the former “Bikini Girl” contestant has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Though it is not clear at this point if she guilty as charged, based on recent pictures, it is evident that the 25 year old has opted to enhance her bikini body with a breast augmentation. When we were first introduced to Katrina three years ago, she confidently flaunted a gorgeous body but with a very conservative cup size. Filling out her bikini quite a bit more these days, the Italian, French, American Indian, and Spanish singer/model continues to grab our attention.

It is quite common for women in the spotlight to undergo the cosmetic procedure for a fuller cup size, and reconstruction and feel of the breast; implants are often saline or silicone.

Katrina first came into the public eye when she auditioned in nothing but a teeny bikini for the eighth season of American Idol. She openly insulted judge, Kara DioGuardi who then went on to get her revenge on Darrell when she overshadowed her in a rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love.” Though Katrina did not make it to the finale, she definitely left a lasting impression with viewers.