Lil’ Kim Plastic Surgery: When Less is More

Who doesn’t love Lil’ Kim? Her antics are fun, and she makes us smile with her crazy outfits (Really? Pasties?) and she’s not afraid to put herself out there. For years we’ve watched Lil’ Kim make some modifications to her body and she was only looking better. Her first rounds of surgery trimmed her figure through a bit of liposuction and her nose became thinner and more defined in rhinoplasty.

She’s a tiny star and she looked great with her plastic surgery results. But then she went too far. If Kim had stopped or done just a bit of maintenance with a mini lift or injectables, she could continue to age gracefully and still look natural. But sadly Lil’ Kim has gone a bit too far of late.

In a recent Rip the Runway event Lil’ Kim showed up with a pretty pout. And her pout was definitely pretty, but the over-the-top eyelashes and overly filled face were not as flattering, sadly. “Lil Kim looks like a big mess. Her face and body appear to have transformed into a different person entirely,” said Dr. Anthony Youn, celebrity plastic surgeon.

Dr. Youn went on to say that subsequent surgeries to her nose and eyes have given Lil’ Kim an unflattering unnatural appearance. Her face is over contoured as well. The good news for Kim and for her fans is that injectables are gradually absorbed back into the body in most cases.

There’s hope that the swollen and overfull look Kim is sporting can be corrected gradually with time so that she more closely resembles the pretty rapper and starlet we’ve always know with just the right amount of adjustment to make her shine – after all a little bit of cosmetic surgery can go a very long way.