Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery: Her Strange Filler Addiction

Lindsay Lohan has had some serious ups and downs, but recently we were proud to report that she was taking better care of herself and even seeking procedures to repair some of the damage her lifestyle had created. Her new veneers were outstanding and make her face look far younger and prettier than it had in some time. Sadly, however, we can’t say that anymore. Lindsay Lohan has developed some sort of fascination with facial fillers that are suitable for older women, and the look isn’t especially flattering.

Facial fillers are an amazing cosmetic surgery product designed to fill in the fine lines and deeper wrinkles that women of a more mature age are often battling. The fillers can create smoother skin and make the face appear young and supple – Madonna’s facial filler surgeries have been a terrific success for this reason, for example. But Lindsay Lohan is only twenty-five. Even with her hard lifestyle choices including a long battle with drug addiction, she isn’t ready to try and fill in deep lines and wrinkles.

Facial fillers fill wrinkles, and Lindsay Lohan didn’t have any wrinkles to fill. Therefore the obvious injectables she’s had over the last year or two have created an unusual shape along her face. Her face appears wider and her lips have changed shape as well indicating she’s plumped them up with fillers as well. While we are a huge fan of Lindsay’s work when it comes to repairing true damage to her body, we’re a bit concerned about her use of fillers now.

With an obvious propensity for addiction, could Lindsay’s beautiful veneers have steered her into a new course where body, hair and face alterations are satisfying her emotional needs? We hope not – Lindsay is too beautiful to seek more surgery than she actually needs!