Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery: Is Enough Enough?

We’ve watched Lindsay Lohan journey from a fresh-faced young actress to a woman on the brink thanks to multiple addictions and encounters with the law. But for the last year or so, it appears that Lindsay is getting her act together and is trying out a new leaf and a new look.
Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Over the last year or so, Lindsay has had several procedures to improve her appearance and erase some of the damage left behind from her harder lifestyle choices. The first things we noticed as she started her newest life phase were her teeth. Lindsay appeared at a red carpet event with stained, chipped teeth. Just a few weeks later she was smiling and waving with bright, shiny veneers. The teeth looked great, but Lindsay wasn’t finished yet! She died her hair bright blonde, did a beautiful cover and shoot for Playboy and then went on to enhance her looks even more by using a combination of facial fillers and skin resurfacing o smooth away the lines and wrinkles that sun damage and toxins can leave behind. Today, Lindsay’s face is fuller than it appeared just a few years ago and smooth. It’s not just the cheeks that are definitely fuller, but her lips are very full as well. This is consistent with lip implants or injections. As the young actress is not even thirty yet, it’s far more likely that she’s had some injections than actual implants in her lips to create the full lips.

From a Botoxed brow to smooth, plump face – Lindsay is toeing the line between too much plastic surgery and just enough. Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery is certainly fun to watch as she improves not only her appearance, but her lifestyle as well, but we can certainly hope that she doesn’t take it too far.