Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery: Lip Augmentation and Facial Work

It’s not a secret that Lindsay Lohan enjoys a hard lifestyle. The child-star-turned-addict has had her time in court and in jail, and we’re certainly not here to cast stones on that, but we are taking a second look at Lohan’s changes over the years.

Once upon a time Lohan was a fresh-faced redhead with freckles. Made famous in the Parent Trap, she showed off her youthful good looks in many other movies over the years. Her looks are changing now, however. As we watched Lindsay fall apart in the media, it was obvious that her hard lifestyle was taking its toll on her face.

Lindsay’s skin was turning a bit mottled instead of cutely freckled. You could see fine lines forming and her overall impression was dull and even coarse. This isn’t the sort of thing you normally see in a 23-year-old, but considering Lindsay’s choices and her lifestyle, it’s not surprising that the young starlet was falling prey to some premature aging.

Fortunately, Lindsay is focusing more on being healthy these days (we hope), and at the very least she’s doing some plastic surgery to repair the damage to her face. Lately she showed up at Kim Kardashian’s wedding with a completely new look. Her blonde hair wasn’t completely new (although I will admit I prefer the red), but her skin is looking at least a bit more fresh and smooth.

Her nose is more defined and her brow is smooth. Looking at a before and after, you can definitely see some lip augmentation and her eyes are more round and open than they have been in the past. Right now she’s looking pretty good, but let’s hope she doesn’t make plastic surgery her new addiction.


The Kardashian family is well-known for their plastic surgery, and mother-of-six Kris Jenner is certainly no exception to that rule. In fact, Kris just opted for a facelift to tighten up some skin on her neck and it would appear her jaw line and forehead as well. Unfortunately for Jenner, her new looks has also drawn a new lawsuit.

Kris signed on to promote a new skincare line called B&P, and by getting a facelift and then discussing her new lift publically, she angered the company. After all, how can B&P tell everyone Kris is looking younger and tighter through their anti-aging products if its common knowledge that she’s done a serious lift to achieve the same look.

According to Kris, the company has no right to be angry since her face lift didn’t affect her face, but rather her neckline. Looking at her latest pictures, it would appear that Kris has a bit more done than just a bit of neck-tightening. Her cheeks don’t look changed, but her brows are a wee bit higher and her jaw line is much more defined, making it look as though she’s lifted things up just a bit at least. Her neck does look tighter, however.

We’ll leave the legal wrangling to the experts, but we will say that as far as this site is concerned, Kris looks great and having a mini tuck can definitely be a great way to tighten up and beat some of the more annoying signs of aging including that loose neck skin, sagging skin at the jaw line and lines around the eyes – or perhaps her eyes were improved through B&P’s product after all. It’s just too hard to tell!

We haven’t seen too much of Zac lately, but looking back at some pictures from just a bit ago, I was surprised to see just how obvious his new nose is. Rhinoplasty seems to be the biggest thing to have in Hollywood these days as actors and actresses sculpt their new looks, and Zac Efron is no exception.

A major heartthrob among the young girls, Mr. Efron opted to have a bit of facial sculpting done after his success in the High School Musicals, and the results are surprising effective. Before the rhinoplasty, Zac’s face was boyish and charming. Now, with a new, more sculpted nose it actually looks a bit more grown-up. This is quite a feat in a town where men work as hard as women to stay young and beautiful – of course, Zac is still beautiful in his boyish way, which is why his nose job works on so many levels.

Zac used to have a wide nose with a bit of an upturned tip making him look as young as his roles required for High School Musical and its sequels. Now he opted for a much thinner tip and a more distinctive bridge. You can actually see a bit of a crooked bridge on his nose with lends him a wee bit of toughness and masculinity.

The more perfectly shaped a nose is, the more feminine it looks. In the case of Zac, he obviously chose not to have a thinner nose with a sculpted tip the way many in Hollywood do. The results are more natural and even more masculine. Thanks to his new nose, the Hollywood hunk might just be leaving his ‘tween fans behind or at the very least growing up with them.

Always a beautiful girl, Carmen Electra just got even more beautiful thanks to a new pair of larger implants. We first saw Carmen with larger breasts back in the 1990’s when she was garnering a great deal of spotlight activity. While she’s been out of the spotlight a bit more recently, she’s looking great enough to jump right back in.

When Carmen was in the Florida Keys recently, she came out in a tank top that seemed to enhance her already curvy figure. Her figure definitely was more well-endowed than it was in her last batch of photos making us think she’s done a bit of extra work.

It’s totally normal and actually safe and encouraged to replace saline implants every ten years or so. Since Carmen started her first batch of breast implants back in the 1990’s, maybe it was just time for an upgrade. If that’s the case, she opted to go out with the old and in with the much bigger version! Her breasts started around a medium sized B and now she’s up there with Pam, rocking what looks like a serious D, or perhaps even a double D.

When you combine her new breast implants with her tiny waistline and athletic build, she looks amazing. She may be one of the few women who can pull off such large implants and still appear to be totally within the realm of a natural figure.

As far as we’re concerned, we’re glad Carmen has opted to keep up with her health by switching out implants safely and we’re even more pleased that she did so with a beautiful new pair of breasts we can admire along with her adorable figure.


Someone who grew up in the eye of the public can be expected to have a bit of work done to smooth down the edges of aging. Sarah Jessica Parker is certainly no exception to this. What makes us so impressed with Sarah Jessica is how smoothly she has used plastic surgery to subtly change and maintain her appearance over the years. You can only tell she’s had some facial work done if you follow her images over the years.

Featured on television and in movies for decades, Parker certainly hasn’t had the traditional upbringing many of us might expect, but with serious film and television credits to her name, she can certainly afford more plastic surgery than she’s had. In fact, most other actresses with her acting chops have gone well above and beyond when it comes to turning down the hands of time.

Jessica has opted (wisely) for small nips and tucks during the years. She has had a tiny bit of work done to her nose to shave it down without losing it’s almost iconic shape. Her cheeks seem a bit more defined, but the biggest difference in her appearance is around the eyes.

Wider, brighter and only slightly changed, Parker’s eyes tell us that you only need a tiny bit of lift to really make a difference in how youthful and elegant you can appear. It’s hard to tell exactly how much Sarah Jessica has done around her eyes, because immediately following her procedure she’s changed how she wears her make-up. Darker colors help to hide any changes she’s made even more naturally.

It’s reasonable to expect Ms. Parker to make a few more changes over the years, but so long as they are all as well done as this change, we can do nothing but praise her choices.


Famous for a unique set of dreadlocks and a beautiful body that runs and rolls well on the beach, Bo Derek has been able to augment her great genes with just a bit of plastic surgery and has aged beautifully. The stunning actress is now 53, but you wouldn’t guess she’s anywhere close to that after a bit of a nip and tuck around her eyes.

As we age, gravity works a bit of its own powerful magic and the skin on the eyelid starts to loosen and even droop. The years of smiling and moving our faces with emotions and such create wrinkles and smile lines around the sides of the eyes as well. For many these wrinkles are a source of great contention, but for Bo, they are obviously a sign of wisdom and experience.

While many celebrity women her age are doing all they can to implant and smooth any lines away with plastic surgery, Bo Derek has allowed her smile lines to stay, but you can see in her before and after pictures that her eyes are more open now than they were in her youth, and she doesn’t seem to have any trouble with aging eyelids as so many women in their fifties do.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what sort of work Ms. Derek has had over the years, which is the best indication of all that she’s had great plastic surgery – the almost invisible kind, but if we were to speculate, it would appear that Bo Derek has had an mini lift since her eyebrows appear higher now than they did in her twenties.

Her eyes are also more open and bright, indicating some work around the eyes.  Thinner cheeks and slightly more refined nose are present as well helping this lovely lady age even more gracefully than you’d expect.

A stunning import from Germany, Diane Kruger is putting the young Hollywood set to shame. With tasteful implants, Diane’s breasts went from an A-cup to a tasteful B-cup. It’s just enough of an augmentation to make us take notice, but certainly not so much to make us displeased with how this beautiful young star is looking these days.

Famous for roles in Inglorious Bastards, National Treasure and Troy, A-list actress Kruger started in ballet where her slight chest was likely an advantage, but have small breasts isn’t sought after in Hollywood, and a few curves make Diane even more lovely than she is already. That’s not to mention that doing plastic surgery correctly and using a natural implant is simply stunning as well.

Too many of the younger set in Hollywood and other celebrity women are seeking breast augmentation and other work. When they make a change, however, it’s not the subtle cup and a half growth of a classy actress like Kruger.

The other starlets are seeking giant implants that stretch the realm of what’s believable. They often combine the augmentation with other dramatic work like lip injections or rhinoplasty so that they appear to be an almost totally different person when they emerge from recovery again.

But the young set didn’t have any influence on Kruger at least. It’s obvious from her pictures that the former ballerina and fashion model had surgery, but it’s just as obvious that she chose her implants wisely and that without plenty of “before pictures” we would have had no idea she’d opted for a moderate increase in her bust size. She’s now just even more naturally beautiful.


Last week, season 4 of the successfully ridiculous and ridiculously successful reality show “Jersey Shore” premiered. There is no doubt that the 8.8 million viewers tuned in were shocked when Jenni “JWOWW” Farley’s new face, showed up on screen. However, during the episode the cast failed to mention anything different about JWoww’s appearance and directed the attention to co-star Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola’s ‘allegedly non-enhanced’ bigger breasts. It’s no secret that JWoww has had a breast augmentation done prior to the shows start in 2009, as her boobs are continually a topic of discussion for the cast. Not many know that additionally in January of 2011, naked photos were released of JWoww’s post-surgery body after she opted to have liposuction and a 2nd boob job revision. Sorry you’re not going to get to see those here, but its hard to imagine that this ice cream loving little girl grew up into a..well.. ice cream loving woman, 2 scoops to be exact. (Shown before alleged plastic face surgery)


But back to the point, we’re not focusing on JWoww’s big bombs here, yet her ever so tightened-up new face. She has a much sleeker chin, slimmer nose and much more defined cheek bones. Her eyes also appear to wider, and less aged. Resembling the face of a young Catherine Zeta Jones, JWoww looks great and should be proud of her newly enhanced face & body. Conversely, the young MTV star is constantly denying the speculations that she had any type of cosmetic or facial plastic surgery procedures done, not even the popular botox rumor; She swears her new look is just merely a result of significant “weight loss”. But wait…shouldn’t that mean, she should be much skinnier as well? Her body in this season’s show is pretty on par with that of last seasons, the only difference is her face.

No plastic surgery? Au natural? I’ll let you be the judge…

Heather Locklear has always been a strikingly beautiful woman, and her beauty is that much better with her latest pair of breast implants. The first reports of Heather Locklear having breast implants arose decades ago, in the height of her modeling career. So the latest breasts that Heather is sporting aren’t her first pair.

Breast implants are designed to be replaced every ten years or so. This means that Heather is likely enjoying her third pair, and every time she gets new implants, they seem to look better than the first. This is probably due to improvements with the surgery over the years, but there is also something to be said for aging gracefully which Heather Locklear is pretty good at as well.

Looking at the latest pictures of the celebrity, it’s obvious that her breasts have grown, but they have also moved a bit on her body making us think that she’s enjoying a breast lift as well as the augmentation. Whatever she’s done, it looks natural and only enhances her beauty, which we consider a very good thing indeed.

Overall, Heather seems to have a bit of help in aging gracefully, but if there was ever a celeb who did plastic surgery correctly, it is Heather. Looking at her, you don’t notice anything overstretched, over filled or oddly placed. Her nose has gotten a bit thinner and more elegant over the years, but not unnaturally so.

Her eyes are open and bright which might suggest a bit of work done on the forehead or a mini lift, but it’s still very natural and you wouldn’t be able to tell if you didn’t know she was 49 years old with plenty of “before” pictures to compare her to. Elegant, refined with the sort of plastic surgery help we should all long for.

Pregnancy can do all sorts of things to a woman’s body, and Christina Aguilera is certainly not an exception. Her weight gain on such a tiny frame was well publicized, and like most women her boobs grew quite a bit with the pregnancy. However, while most of us wound up with deflated breasts a few months after delivery, Christina’s grew even larger!

Unless she’s a modern medical miracle, Christina decided that the birth of her first child was the right time to celebrate her new softer look with a truly new, softer figure. Of course, she could have had the same results with a C-cup on her little self, but why stop at C when you can go DD? Her new breasts are very large and unfortunately, very fake in appearances, but appearance aren’t everything, it would seem. Watching Christina in the spotlight, there seem to be side benefits to her surgery.

While Christina might not have the most natural look in the world, she has mellowed a great deal with her new image. Once a pop princess in pink and pastels, Christina turned away from pop stardom and into dark hair, piercing and a general sense of unwashed punk beauty. Now she is a more sensual, maternal figure with glowing skin, a secret smile and beautiful (washed and styled) blonde hair.

She’s grown into herself and her enormous talent, and an enormous talent apparently needs an enormous bust to keep it company. Well, her voice is in great company now, and Christina seems to be more confident and approachable than ever before. She’s enjoying her figure and letting the rest of the world enjoy it with her – and judging by the latest picture of the now curvy singer, we are certainly doing just that.