Looks Like Victoria Isn’t The Only One With A Secret: The Angels Secrets Revealed!


This article is dedicated to all those ladies that watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show each year wishing they could find even one imperfection on any of the beautiful angels strutting their stuff down the runway.

At least we can take comfort in the fact that these ladies weren’t necessarily born this way. Beyond exceptional genes, nutritionists, personal trainers, spray tans and makeup artists these ladies have all had help from a talented plastic surgeon to make them a picture of perfection.

Adriana Lima


Let’s start with the hottest Brazilian babe of all time Ms. Adriana Lima, the epitome of what every woman strives to be a total sex goddess. I do not know if anything could make us resent her any less, however it appears as though those gorgeous curves aren’t entirely natural. Lima has undergone a breast augmentation during her career, and we think they look amazing! It appears as though her gorgeous face is all natural though, at least for now.

Giselle Bundchen


Stunningly beautiful Angel, Giselle Bundchen, has also had a little help filling out those Victoria’s Secret double-push-up bras.  As you can see in this photo, Bundchen has had a noticeable increase in her breast size. But what truly transformed Bundchen to supermodel status and bagged her a football star husband was her nose job which ever so slightly perfected her facial features.

Marissa Miller


Since gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated sporting nothing but some body paint it is clear that Marissa Miller is the proud owner of a well-executed pair of breast implants.
Miller’s new assets are only a small upgrade from her previously large bust line and appear very natural and perky on her frame.

Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum has been fondly referred to as “the body” for most of her career; however this body does not seem to be a natural gift from god but rather the work of a talented plastic surgeon.
As we have  previously reported such thin girls are not naturally blessed with an ample bust and Klum is no exception. Klum has definitely had at least one breast augmentation during her career as well as a rhinoplasty.
These surgeries have done wonders for her career and sky-rocketed Klum to supermodel status nearly overnight.

Selita Ebanks


It is a well-known fact in the industry that Selita Ebanks has undergone both a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.  It is clear that Ebanks went under the knife of a skilled plastic surgeon specializing in African-American rhinoplasty, who was able to achieve a size and shape complimentary to her facial features and heritage.

Erin Heatherton


Erin Heatherton seems to be the perfect example of the All-American girl next door who had her effortlessly gorgeous vibe perfected by the efforts of a plastic surgeon.
Heatherton’s rhinoplasty took her from a fresh faced young girl to a cute and sexy woman.


We would also like to be the first to announce it looks like Heatherton is also sporting some new additions farther south as well. Check out this new twitter photo she posted last month (@ErinHeatherton)

Meet the Newest Angel, Toni Garrn


According to the Huffington Post there is a new Victoria’s Secret Angel in town, Toni Garrn! Garrn will be joining the ranks of other blonde Angels including Erin Heatherton and Candice Swanopel.

Our question is how long do you think this Angel will go before succumbing to peer pressure and enhancing her curves under the knife?