Madonna Plastic Surgery: Cheeky Implants

Madonna has been an idol in so many ways. She took on the walls that divided women and men in many cases and used her music to empower teenage girls and young women to look at life in a different way. Like many celebrities with something of a wild career behind them, Madonna is also trying to keep her distinguished looks young just a bit longer. Most recently, Madonna has turned to cheek implants to help her face remain youthful.

The last few years have been a challenge for Madonna. Her young daughter is growing up and Lourdes is striking as she is just starting to grow into her good genes and beauty. In fact, it’s been rumored that Madonna wears Lourdes clothing without asking – no mean feat when your daughter has her own fashion line. Madonna might be feeling a bit of angst for her own youth when she was just being noticed, but it’s likely her romances of late that have driven her back into the plastic surgeon’s office.

Madonna has had her fair share of procedures over the years and we can watch her change a bit at a time as she ages. Madonna is now 50 and doesn’t look much older than she did a decade ago – it’s no mean feat for the starlet and this time around it appears she’s had cheek implants.

Madonna trotted out her new apple cheeks awhile ago and everyone waited to see if she’d had filler that was going to settle into her face, but after a few months it appears as though she’s had the full implant surgery – those adorable apple cheeks aren’t going anywhere and they change her face quite dramatically. Not surprisingly, she looks younger and healthier than ever with the new round of plastic surgery.


Some women diet and exercise to try and lose weight, but TV talk-show host and former DWTS celebrity Wendy Williams skipped right to the chase. “Who the hell wants to diet and exercise when you can have liposuction. I didn’t want to wait. I wanted my new body now…”

Of course liposuction isn’t the only surgery Wendy has had. At this stage it’s estimated that she’s spent close to $100,000 on plastic surgery and her look has become very unique. What may have started with a bit of liposuction to correct a weight problem that Wendy has had for years evolved into multiple breast implant procedures, a tummy tuck and facial work including a nose job and perhaps Botox as well. The end result is elaborate.

While some women prefer to have their plastic surgery a bit understated, Wendy is very comfortable showing off her new look and letting everyone know she’s enjoyed the benefits of plastic surgery. While perhaps not a household name before her stint on Dancing with the Stars, plastic surgery has made Wendy someone to be reckoned with. As Wendy herself states, “Surgery gave me body acceptance. I say boola-boola to all you women out there who don’t care how you look. I was never comfortable being overweight. I always felt like a smaller woman trapped in that big body, waiting to be unleashed…

Well, judging by the before and after picture of Wendy’s surgery, it’s pretty safe to assume that she’s ready to be unleashed now! Very large breasts sit high on Wendy’s chest showing off her much flatter and more defined abdominal area. That tightening would be thanks to a tummy tuck she enjoyed along her cosmetic surgery journey. You can tell her nose is shaped differently and her forehead is smooth and almost unresponsive under her big hair. All told, it may not be a look that works for every woman, but it certainly works for Wendy Williams.

Ashlee Simpson is well known for her television roles and a bit of lip-synching in the past, but now she’s getting a lot of attention for her impressive new looks. Ashlee had a very distinctive look when she first burst on to the scene. Her large nose made it easy to pick her out of a group, and while it was very noticeable, it was also attractive in a very girl-next-door sort of way. We like Ashlee before any surgeries, but then when she did have some work done, we decided that we liked her even better!

Ashlee Simpson has no short amount of confidence. She can sing, she can act and she has her own young family to enjoy, but now she’s able to enjoy it all with a bit of extra self confidence as well. With her new, much thinner nose, Ashlee’s looks are still distinctive, but maybe not quite so unique. Her eyes are showing up when you take your first glance at her new look, and her nose is fading into the background instead of garnering all of the attention.

She has always been a striking girl, and with her very public nose job that helped to drastically reduce and reshape her nose, Ashlee has an entirely different look – one that we absolutely love and support. While her nose is dramatically different, it’s not an obviousl work of plastic surgery. It’s still long and has a very distinctive tip – it’s not so perfect it looks fake, in other words. In fact, it’s perfectly imperfect, and unless you saw the original pictures of Ashlee you wouldn’t even know she’d had work.

Pretty, talented and striking, Ashlee should now have the confidence she needs to enjoy her gifts even more.


While there are plenty of people who insist Megan Fox has had multiple procedures over the years, the only one that is obvious from her pictures is a slight nose job. Rhinoplasty helped to make Megan’s nose a bit sharper by taking away a bit of width at the bridge and increasing the peak. This gives her facial features a bit more of a lift thanks to her little pixie nose.

Before the surgery, Megan certainly wasn’t missing out on much in terms of attractive features. She probably could have found just as much fame and fortune without any work at all, but she did apparently opt for a nose job, and beautiful features or not, we’re glad she did. Megan looks better than ever with her thin, sleek nose and her eyes look bigger by comparison.

Her trim nose also is the perfect companion to her fuller lips. Those lips, however, aren’t the result of plastic surgery, but more likely an over the counter medicine or make-up item to help plump up lips for a fuller smile.

Megan has had some heat over the years about her body and people have wondered just how much she’s done to enhance her natural beauty. Looking at a before and after picture of Megan, however, it’s pretty clear she’s just insanely lucky to have such stunning features. She works out enough that her body is fit and her breasts appear to be natural as well – a rarity in most of Hollywood these days.

Megan Fox is the perfect example of how much you can do with just a tiny bit of surgery to sculpt and define your face. She changed nothing but her nose, and her whole face is brighter, tighter and more beautiful than ever.


Jenni, aka JWoww, appears to have had a bit more plastic surgery lately, although she’s denying it right now at least. JWoww has openly admitted to having some work done in the past and she’s apparently looking forward to having “Botox by the time I’m 30 and have my breast implants redone in a few years after I’ve had kids”, but she’s saying that for now her look hasn’t changed thanks to surgical intervention.

Instead, she claims she’s simply lost weight and is trying a new look with her make-up, but at least one surgeon at least suspected the young reality show starlet might have had some work done. So far we know that she’s had breast implants in the past, and if you look at JWoww in the newest season of Jersey Shore she does appear thinner with more defined facial features. She’s a bit more buffed and polished as well, making us a bit curious about the reasons why.

Her forehead is smooth, her skin is glowing and tight and her chin appears to be a bit more defined. Even her cheekbones are more prominent. It’s very possible that all of this might be attributed to a new diet and exercise routine – losing weight in your face would certainly lead to more prominent features, but it’s a bit difficult to determine if we’re getting the whole truth right now.

Even if JWoww didn’t actually have any recent plastic surgery, we certainly commend her for taking good care of herself and actually fooling us into thinking she might have. When you look so good we’re convinced you’ve had work done – you’re looking very good, indeed! Keep it up JWoww and we’ll keep our eye on you as well.


We know Lindsay Lohan is having trouble staying out of trouble, but what about her sister, Ali. Aliana, or Ali as she is better known, is the seventeen year old sister of the troubled Lindsay, but unlike her sister, Ali isn’t prone to wild parties, substance abuse or unflattering photography. One some are saying that she might have more to her looks that it would first appear.

When Ali first made it on the scene, she had the refreshing look of a girl comfortable in her own skin and her natural beauty was definitely shining through. Now, however, Ali looks a bit shinier as her skin’s been pulled a bit with cheek implants or perhaps a bit of work around the eyes. Looking at Ali’s before and after pictures, you can see that something has been done, if subtly to Ali’s face. Her cheeks are higher and more chiseled – normally the result of cheek implants or the like.

Ali’s face is just as sharply chinned and beautiful as before, but there’s something around her eyes that makes us ting that something might be going on. Her eyes are much brighter and seem to be a totally different shape – more open and lusciously framed. Ali’s bottom lip is a bit fuller, too, which is consistent with a tiny bit of lip implant to make the lips more noticeable.

While we love her new looks – she appears to be much more grown up and lovely, not everyone is celebrating. When confronted about her daughter’s new look, Dina Lohan, Lindsay and Ali’s mother, was quoted as saying, “I don’t really believe in plastic surgery for young girls. Some do, but I don’t.”We’ll go ahead and peg that statement as false, but we can still enjoy Ali’s new look.



A stunning girl by any standards, Nicki Minaj is on her way up. Famous for her raps, her songs and her giant butt, Nicki burst on the scene in a big way and is already famous for her talent as much as her figure and unique look. But how much of that look is really Nicki?

It would seem that after looking at old pictures of Nicki Minaj we can see that she’s had a bit of work done. Nicki Minaj once had a pretty nose that was natural, a bit wider at the nostrils and naturally ethnic since the rapper came from Trinidad. But looking at pictures now her nose is sleek and narrow. It still looks perfectly natural and it definitely changes up her appearance in a positive way, but the change is perfectly obvious when the put an older picture near a new one.

Nicki has had her nose reshaped, but that’s not the only thing different about the young starlet over the years. Her figure has changed quite dramatically as well. Nicki’s long thin nose makes her face appear a bit more aristocratic, but it is her butt that is truly world famous. Nicki has a well endowed figure, but it would appear that not every bit of her endowments are the natural kind.

Old pictures show Nicki with a shapely, if smaller bottom. More recent pictures have sort of posterior that would put Kim Kardashian to shame. The bottom is huge, but in a good way – her curves are seriously respected in the circuit, but comparing an older picture to a new one it’s increasingly obvious that the curves may not be real. It looks as though Nicki might have enjoyed a Brazilian butt lift where fat is removed from one part of the body and placed in another, or she may have had a simple buttocks implant procedure. Only time will tell.

A clear supporter of plastic surgery, Scarlett Johansson has gone on record saying that she has every intention of having plastic surgery once she starts aging, after all, “I don’t want to be an old hag, there’s no fun in that?” But when the media started buzzing about possible Scarlett Johansson plastic surgery, she immediately went on the defensive. The pretty star is adamant that despite a nose that has a slightly new shape and some highly defined cheekbones, she has not had plastic surgery.

Scarlett Johansson Nose Job

It’s hard to know what to believe, but we can assume that pictures don’t like. Scarlett’s old pictures show her nose with a rather bulbous tip and a wide bridge. In fact, her nose was so striking it almost dominated her face in some of her earlier films. But now, her nose seems to be a more natural fit on her face. It’s not as round at the tip and it’s definitely narrower through the bridge. Either her nose shrunk on its own, her face grew larger or she’s had just a teeny bit of work done and isn’t interested in ‘fessing up.

It’s not just Scarlett’s nose that has changed shape recently. The sizzling star has also wound up with more pronounced cheekbones. It’s a subtle change, and you can probably blame a bit of weight loss in her face or could it be a bit more – perhaps cheek implants? With thinner eyebrows and a fresh look, Scarlett looks beautiful, of course which isn’t surprising for a fresh-faced 23-year-old star. Perhaps we’ll never know for sure if she’s gone under the knife, but it is hard to deny that something is going on with her nose – with wonderful results!

Always a pretty girl, it would seem Bristol Palin has become even more attractive virtually overnight. Just a few short months ago we were watching her on Dancing with the Stars, and as soon as the show was over, she seemed to blossom – was is a burst of new self confidence? Perhaps the spray on tan? Or is it – as most people are discussing – a new face, complete with a chin implant and perhaps some facial liposuction?

Corrective Jaw Surgery

A representative from Bristol Palin’s camp claims that the young public speaker has had a standard jaw alignment surgery to correct a problem there. The representative also claimed that Bristol has lost a great deal of weight since strutting her stuff (rather well, we might add) on Dancing with the Stars.

The vigorous exercise and dancing schedules from the show helped the young celebrity lose significant amounts of weight. We won’t argue with that since we were all able to see her waistline and legs grow thinner and more fit, but growing a bit thinner can’t be responsible for such extensive changes to Bristol’s face as well. And at least one plastic surgeon agrees.

E! Entertainment sent Bristol Palin plastic surgery pictures to Dr. Brian Glatt, a plastic surgeon with a successful practice and board certification in New Jersey. He took the pictures apart and determined that Bristol had most likely enjoyed the benefits of a few different procedures to acquire her new look.

Bristol Palin and Plastic Surgery

Her face before was round and she even had a teeny double chin. Her overall facial shape was very round as well. After her “corrective jaw surgery” she is suddenly sporting a thinner face with a prominent chin and thinner neckline and cheeks. Her cheekbones seem to be sky high and her overall facial shape has gone from round to oval without any sort of double chin in sight.

Some of her new facial shape might be contributed to weight loss. The fat lost from her neckline and cheeks, for example, might be from losing weight all over, but the overall difference is a bit too dramatic to be totally attributed to sheer weight loss. According to Dr. Glatt, “The lower part of her face is a dramatic difference. You can draw a line across the lower third; it’s like two different people.”

Look close and you’ll see the obvious areas where Bristol’s enjoyed a bit of a nip and tuck. Her chin is more defined, and her jaw line is now clear and cut instead of smoothed out with a bit of softness. Her neck has gone to half of its original size thanks to liposuction most likely which has reshaped her facial features overall. Her cheeks are more prominent which might be due to facial implants or might just be thanks to liposuction in her lower cheek area.

The more prominent chin is definitely the result of a bit of plastic surgery, perhaps a chin implant, because even if her jaw was realigned a bit, it’s unlikely it would suddenly go from being a bit recessed to being prominent enough to create a heart shaped face. While her eyes and forehead seem to be unchanged she is definitely using some new make-up and grooming techniques to emphasize her newly enhanced beauty. Clean eyebrows and some new make-up are making this pretty girl shine.

Her shiny new lips are worth mentioning as well. They might still be swollen from her surgery, but it’s most likely that she’s had a teeny bit of work done there as well, perhaps even lip implants to make that pout more perfect on her new heart-shaped face. It’s definitely working for her!

Beyonce is back in the news in a big way now that’s she’s announced her pregnancy on the VMA’s last week. But would there be so much hype about Beyonce if she didn’t look as beautiful as she does now? Actually, I’m reasonably sure that there would be since she is such a talented singer, but Beyonce is still a force to be reckoned with both on and off the musical stage – she’s also an example of beautiful cosmetic surgery.

Beyonce had a brilliant plastic surgery who was obviously experienced working with women of color. The doctor has managed to sculpt Beyonce’s old nose, which had a more bulbous tip into a nose that still seems perfectly natural and suited to her face – it’s not too thin, but it’s more defined. This makes the nose believable, unlike other African-American stars who opted for a nose that was too thin and far removed from their natural faces. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Lil Kim come to mind.

But Beyonce has it figured out. With just a very bit of sculpting, her nose appears perfectly natural for her face and it’s barely removed from its natural shape – you can’t really even tell until you look at her old nose and her new one side by side, and that’s the mark of a great rhinoplasty. Beyonce didn’t stop at her nose, however. She also did some work on her smile.

In this case, Beyonce again changed an area where other stars might run into pitfalls. Beyonce had her lips reduced. While still lush and beautiful, Beyonce’s lips are definitely thinner and her smile reflects this. The two changes make her features just different enough that you can tell she’s had work, but you have to really look hard to figure out what it is she’s done to look so great.