Megan Fox Plastic Surgery: Cheek Implants

Megan Fox is certainly no stranger to plastic surgery rumors, but here they go again! At her recent premier even for her new film Friends with Kids, Megan walked the red carpet looking absolutely stunning. Her eyes – always gorgeous – looked perfect and her smile was genuine as she greeted fans and photographers. But something was different.

The day after the big event fashion and celebrity bloggers began to realize what was new and different about Ms. Fox. Her face has changed (again), and she is now sporting much more distinctive cheekbones. She may also have used several injectables to create the overly smooth face that she was sporting on the red carpet. She looks very polished and with much larger and rounder cheekbones than she’s had previously it stands to reason that something has changed.

Megan has come out publicly to state that she’s not had Botox in her forehead, but she’d have a hard time writing off the definite changes in her face this time. Her cheeks are an entirely new shape and her face is much smoother and static. Do the changes look good? Of course they do – Megan Fox can’t look bad if she tried, but perhaps it’s time for her to take a break from the improvements possible through plastic surgery.

After all, Megan is still a young actress – not even thirty yet – and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the benefits of plastic surgery when she actually needs the procedure. Right now new cheek and facial implants are just taking a young, beautiful face and making it look young and beautiful in a different way. This would be a good time to enjoy her new look and not add to it in any way for at least a few more years.