Megan Fox Plastic Surgery: Nose Job


While there are plenty of people who insist Megan Fox has had multiple procedures over the years, the only one that is obvious from her pictures is a slight nose job. Rhinoplasty helped to make Megan’s nose a bit sharper by taking away a bit of width at the bridge and increasing the peak. This gives her facial features a bit more of a lift thanks to her little pixie nose.

Before the surgery, Megan certainly wasn’t missing out on much in terms of attractive features. She probably could have found just as much fame and fortune without any work at all, but she did apparently opt for a nose job, and beautiful features or not, we’re glad she did. Megan looks better than ever with her thin, sleek nose and her eyes look bigger by comparison.

Her trim nose also is the perfect companion to her fuller lips. Those lips, however, aren’t the result of plastic surgery, but more likely an over the counter medicine or make-up item to help plump up lips for a fuller smile.

Megan has had some heat over the years about her body and people have wondered just how much she’s done to enhance her natural beauty. Looking at a before and after picture of Megan, however, it’s pretty clear she’s just insanely lucky to have such stunning features. She works out enough that her body is fit and her breasts appear to be natural as well – a rarity in most of Hollywood these days.

Megan Fox is the perfect example of how much you can do with just a tiny bit of surgery to sculpt and define your face. She changed nothing but her nose, and her whole face is brighter, tighter and more beautiful than ever.

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