Move over J-Lo — Pippa Middleton takes the cake with the “Pippa Butt Lift”


Remember the days when women yearned for their behinds to resemble that of bootylicious Jennifer Lopez?  Well, it appears as if those days are gone! It seems as though there is a new trend spreading in plastic surgery – the “Pippa Butt Lift”.

Ever since Pippa Middleton’s epic backside made its grand entrance at older sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William, women have been coveting her slim-yet-shapely figure.

One Florida woman was so inspired by Pippa’s fabulous booty, that she recently underwent a $10,000 surgical procedure to attain it.  Jenny Fitzgerald, a 42-year old single mother of two, thought she would never find love again after having been divorced for six years. To this day, she is sure it was her flat behind that burdened her love life.

After undergoing two hours in surgery followed by six weeks of recovery (not to mention footing the $10,000 bill), Jenny Fitzgerald is absolutely thrilled with the result — and not just because of her new ass-ets.

pippa1_259701a-150x150-1 Pippa at the Royal Wedding Jennifer Fitzgerald post-”Pippa Butt Lift” pippa-middleton-ass-150x150-1 Pippa’s awe-inspiring bum

The Brazilian Butt Lift (or Pippa Butt Lift) involves a two-hour surgery in which fat from one area of the body, commonly the torso, is transferred to the butt to produce the desired, curvaceous result.  Many Pippa-wannabes are quite petite, and are sometimes required to gain weight prior to their procedure to ensure the surgeon has an adequate supply of fatty tissue to work with.

Thanks to her new Pippa-esque posterior, Jenny Fitzgerald attracted the attention of Carlos, her now-fiancé, who says Fitzgerald’s shapely bottom initially captured his attention.

Lucky guy – isn’t it every man’s dream to have unlimited access to Pippa Middleton’s tush?

Jenny is only one of many women who have undergone the increasingly popular “Pippa Butt Lift”, and surely many more will follow suit.