Octavia Spencer Plastic Surgery: Pending Breast Lift

Octavia Spencer is a big star these days thanks to her outstanding acting in The Help and other films. Most interesting of all is her obvious comfort with her body and her choices for her body. Octavia recently told Parade magazine that she is planning a breast lift in the next year.

In addition to a new movie, Octavia is apparently “going to get [her] boobs lifted.” According to Octavia (who has no trouble expressing herself and her wishes, the breast lift is her first gift to herself after winning the Oscar for best supporting actress. Blessed with a full figure, Octavia has expressed her desire to put her “boobs back where they were at seventeen.”

She is apparently planning to have her surgery in November of 2012 so that she can take the holidays off and relax at home while she recovers.  Already a distinctive actress, Octavia joins the very small ranks of distinguished African American actors to win the top praise in Hollywood and she’ll hopefully join the even smaller group of African American actors who choose cosmetic surgery wisely to enhance her natural beauty rather than distort it.

Octavia has mentioned several times that she’d work more if she had a thinner body, but then she criticizes the media for commenting on her body size or weight at all. She certainly didn’t need to tell the world her plans for putting her breasts back where they belong, but then, we respect her more for telling us her plans and reminding us of the ways cosmetic surgery can help people find the bodies that make them feel good.

Breast lift and perhaps liposuction in the fall will definitely look great on Ms. Spencer. We can’t wait to see the results!