Snooki Ready for More Plastic Surgery?

She’s been pregnant for about five months and already Snooki is ready to get her pre-baby body back as quickly as she can. The solution? More plastic surgery! Snooki is expecting a baby boy with her fiancé Jionni LaValle in September, and she’s already planning a boob job.

This is not a big surprise since she was planning for one earlier this year before she revealed that she was pregnant. Now, the breast implants are even more important than before thanks to the possibility of breast feeding. According to Snooki’s interview in a recent In Touch magazine interview, “I heard breast-feeding hurts, but it will help me bounce right back. Then, I want to get a boob job!”

Snooki is well known as one of the stars on Jersey Shore. The reality starlet is ready for the spotlight almost all of the time with big hair, tight clothes and plenty to say. She recently lost a great deal of weight, and even with her new pregnancy, Snooki has been working hard to keep the extra pounds away – gaining only the weight she needs to ensure a healthy baby.

According to Snooki, “The baby weight will just drop off!” It’s been rumored that Snooki, in her fifth month of pregnancy, has only gained 24 pounds so far thanks to her healthy eating. Snooki is tiny, standing at just under five feet and after losing her last twenty pounds just prior to becoming pregnant, her diet of bagels, turkey burgers and salads may help her get back in shape quickly.

And, of course, as soon as she is finished breastfeeding her new son, Snooki can join the rest of her friends with a new pair of pretty, perky breast implants!

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