Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery

What a wild month Steven Tyler has had! Running around topless on the beaches of Maui, singnig his own unique version of the National Anthem and now getting caught naked in the pool by co-judge Jennifer Lopez. A few days ago, Jennifer Lopez caught Steven swimming naked at the Wynn Las Vegas. Apparently the rock legend and American Idol judge was inspired by an in-house show at the hotel and just couldn’t resist swimming in the buff.

Sadly, Jennifer Lopez couldn’t resist a loud shriek when she saw the body that Steven Tyler sporting these days. The rock legend is no stranger to plastic surgery, btu apparently he’s been missing some appointments. If his pictures from Maui are any indication, Steven is due for an appointment to tighten up some skin on his chest.
While older bodies do  tend to sag and droop, anyone with as much money, prestige and publicity as Steven Tyler should be considering the best way to improve his condition before he goes strutting around on the beach without a shirt on. The best we can say for this aging star is that he looked fit – he certainly isn’t fat, but when gravity has its way on your chest, there’s only one way for men to fight back – through a bit of liposuction or surgery.

And Steven is no stranger to cosmetic surgery. He’s publically had procedures done in the past and he’s not ashamed to show it. A nose job left a sloping nostril and he’s had a complete Botox makeover prior to American Idol. If only he’d done something about his man-boobs before he shocked the world putting them on display. And if his chest is sagging to that degree, one can only imagine what images J.Lo has scoured into her brain!