Test your TV Couples IQ (Game)


Sitcoms, especially those of the late 80’s and early 90’s, are a patch of the fabric that makes up modern American culture.

Looking back on some of the shows we grew up with, especially before the internet exploded, it is clear to see that television had a formula that worked and networks weren’t afraid to replicate ad nauseum.

The wholesome comedies that endeared themselves to the typical nuclear family was rampant in this era. We wanted to take a trip down memory lane and test our collective memories while doing it. The goal is simple; match the TV character at the top of the screen with his or her partner from the choices below.

A correct answer will add bonus time to the clock. If you are some kind of sitcom genius and manage to get all of them correct (trust me, it’s not easy), you get an additional 5 points added to your score. See how much you really know about TV, and then be sure to challenge your friends to do the same.

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